Is My Co-worker a JW?

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  • White Dove
    White Dove

    In my nervousness, I inadvertently deleted a well thought out post.

    Here is the short version:

    My co-worker shuns me completely unless I ask him work related questions.

    He treats everyone else nicely and jokes with them, but not with me.

    He can't bring himself to even look in my direction.

    When I walk up to the area he's in, he hightails it to somewhere else.

    I had mentioned once that I grew up with no holidays so am celebrating everything I can get my hands on.

    He didn't look surprised at all like most people.

    I also wear my pagan jewelry off the clock and sometimes go to my place of work with it on, and no one has ever treated me differently.

    About a month ago at work, a customer asked if I was a witness. Surprised, I said that I used to be. He said he hopes I come back, and I thanked him. He saw that I noticed his study books. (If co-worker is a JW, could they be in the same cong. and this guy shared info about me?).

    I have been giving co-worker rides to work when we both work at 11am because he walks and I pass his apt. bldg. at the same time. I don't like to pass people up like that. It's rude, in my book.

    He had to think long and hard when I offered to just start picking him up at his apt. and not off the side of the busy street.

    It's worked out just fine that way. Now, however, suddenly none of his scheduled weeks have 11am in them anymore when they used to have minimum of 3 days with 11am. (could he have asked for no work beginning at 11am?)

    My idea:

    Co-worker knows I was a JW by my growing up without holidays.

    He may be really pissed off and scared of me because I've turned to "Satan worshipping." (per my jewelry).

    He's very clean cut and doesn't smoke, never went to college and doesn't plan to, and has worked for 14 years on and off at Taco Bell and other fast food places. Says it's easy work. It's quite strange. (he did grow up as a military brat).

    Is he studying right now and is in the honeymoon phase (a crazy fanatic)?


    Forgot to add that he is all talk and concern when I ask him a work related question or to show me how to do something work related. It's as if everything is fine and he looks at me and talks like nothing's wrong at all. WEIRD!

  • pirata

    Why don't you just ask him if he is a JW?

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I'm worried about bringing up religion on the clock. But this is seriously affecting my feelings at work, so I might do that, regardless.

    With the way he's acting, does he sound like one to you?

  • pirata

    Seems like it. Can you ask on a break or during one of the rides? Could just ask if he has a religion.

  • serenitynow!

    So you were giving this fool rides to work and now he is all cold to you? That is crazy! He must have figured it out. I would ask him. He established a relationship when he started taking advantage of your kindness, now he ignores you w/out explanation? I would totally confront him. Just ask him why his demeanor toward you is so cold all of the sudden.

    If you're like me you are often analyzing people, and can tell who is or may be a JW by just observing them.

    I suspect a girl I worked with may have been raised JW, she talked about not being allowed to watch the smurfs growing up. I should have asked her.

    When I was in, the paganism would have scared me; in our (JW) minds that was devil worshipping.

  • asilentone

    yes he is. stop wearing your jewelry to see if he will react differently. Thats up to you.

    P.S. I know that you do not wear it during the clock, maybe in time, he will notice that you are not wearing it anymore.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Here's another thing. It may be nothing at all.

    When we had customer appreciation day at work and dressed in Hawai'ian themed clothes, he came in just his regular uniform.

    When asked why not dress up, he said the shirt he wore before didn't look right or match the occasion right.

    I saw a picture of that shirt and it was the same as everyone else's.

    He did throw on a lei during work, though.

    I'm thinking that he may have felt that it was state patriotic, or something JWitnessy stupid like that since JW's don't like to be caught fitting in too well with the world.

    This certainly isn't Houston. There are JW's coming out of the woodwork here.

  • White Dove
  • Quillsky

    Goodness gracious help me Lord. Just ask him if he's a Jehovah's Witness!!! It's not illegal to be a Jehovah's Witness.

    I suspect that you have a bit of a crush on him, and this post reflects more of your own obsession with Jehovah's Witnesses rather than his involvement with the religion.

  • wiser

    keep us posted.

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