Is My Co-worker a JW?

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  • Hadit

    Is it at all possible that he LIKES you and has a crush on you? Some guys get stressed right out and can't handle interaction with you if they are crushing. Just a thought. You could also just ask him in a friendly manner if you have done anything to offend him. That might open the door for further questions and/or a resolution.

    No fun being in that situation day in and day out. Good luck!

  • nelly136

    ocassionally there are going to be personality clashes at work, if you look at it as a personality clash as opposed to trying to analyse whether its do with with religion ,

    which if it is its gonna drive you nuts cos you cant do anything about it unless he crosses some sort of work ethic..which if he's addressing you properly as regards work issues hes keeping to terms of employment.

    you cant make people to laugh and joke with you just cos they do it with everyone else,

    soooo keep it on a purely professional level at all times, and leave him to make his own way to work cos if he doesnt like your company then he doesnt want to get in your car and theres no point spending time cramped in a car with someone who makes you feel uncomfortable.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Be really nice to him, buy him a coffee or something normal like that (not saying GO for a coffee with him here btw, just offer him one from the machine or something.

    Basicaly be nice to him and interact with him MORE. This will force the issue one way or the other and afford you opportunity and reason (if he continues negative) to ask him if and what the problem is.

    If it's the witness thing then tell him to adjust his attitude or you will escalate it to management. Then see how it goes. Religious intolerance is taken very seriously in the UK, I would think it similar where you are.


  • Quillsky
    If it's the witness thing then tell him to adjust his attitude or you will escalate it to management.

    One in a thousand chance of that, statistically.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Next time he's in the car ask if he fancies pulling over for a quickie. Should elicit a response on way or the other!


  • Little Imp
    Little Imp

    I understand how you feel, when you work with someone it is important to create and have a good working relationship. I think maybe asking outright may not be the right thing to do, with JWs it may create further problems for you.

    Does your office/workplace have the habit of bringing in cakes on their birthdays? Do they have Christmas parties? Sometimes, just observing how they deal with these type of functions may give you more of a clue. It would be quite natural, for example, just to asking if he is going to go to the Christmas party. If he says no if may not necessarily mean he is a JW.

    I would not volunteer information about you having been a JW in any conversation unless specifically asked.

    You could always park near your local KH and see if he turns up for the meeting! I am sure there are many ways to find out without really asking.

    Good luck and keep us posted.


  • White Dove
    White Dove

    So, as per another person's post, kill 'em with kindness? I like that one but his attitude will make me have to fake it.

    I've wondered, too, if he might actually really really like me and not want to like me, for some reason. Maybe he's angry about that.

    Geez, he's 35! You'd think he'd be past that teenage phase by now.

    I'm totally past crushing on anyone. Haven't had one since I was in my 20's.

    Maybe I should just stay my old sweet self and make like he isn't acting that way.

    I don't like to bring up religion on the job unless a customer is wearing a pentacle and I complement them on it by saying I like your pendent.

    St. George,

    It's 2 co-workers on their way to work. Soliciting for a quickie might sound a bit whorish and be bad work ethic, dontcha think?

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Only joking White Dove, only joking


  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Okay, lol:)

    I don't get jokes more than half the time

  • ziddina

    "...tell him you're concerned about "world conditions". ..." LOL!! Good one, XYZ!!

    Might actually work, too...

    I'm a little confused... And would like some further background on the situation...

    Who has "seniority" - though that doesn't apply very often any more??? Were you employed there when he was hired, or vice-versa??

    Does he hold a position roughly equivalent to yours, of "less" importance than yours, or of "greater" importance???

    Some people have mentioned a potential "romantic" issue; are you older than him - or is he older than you - by enough years to basically rule out a "romantic" interest...???

    Having asked those questions, I would say that he generally "sounds" like a Jehovah's Witness, but he could have all those hang-ups you mentioned and NOT be a JW. He could be a fundamentalist Christian; his fear/unease/revulsion displayed by his reaction to your jewelry would be common to ANY fundamentalist Christian, not just JWs...

    I would advise CAUTION, CAUTION, CAUTION... I would also second Nelly 136, who said to keep things professional, professional, professional... Could keep you from ending up in some sort of disciplinary action, if he decides to cause problems for you...

    Hope this helps...


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