Jesus warned us about JWs!

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  • Essan

    Interesting quotes Peacedog. The more I examine JW history and doctrine the more it becomes glaringly obvious that they really aren't Christians at all. Not even close.

    What a sham.

  • NiceDream


    Thank you for writing which translations we can find that phrase in.

  • wasblind

    You ain't by yourself Essan,

    this is THE post, damn i'm i jealous

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog


    No, as I've never heard of that book.
    I love going through different Bible translations and when I saw "The time is at hand" in the ESV Bible, it hit me that Russel wrote a book with the same title, then I searched other translations to see which other Bibles used the same phrase.

    I wonder how many others have made the connection. Bill's son pointed it out to me.

    Bill Cetnar's book was published in 1983.

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog
    Has anyone ever asked a JW about this?

    I have. When they saw the book after I had them read the verse, the two guys ran (literaly) out my front door.

  • finding my way
    finding my way


  • thetrueone

    Russell was indeed a cult creator, seeking to cultivate his own little kingdom of followers,

    of course substantiated and postulated by his publications. Believers culled to eventually become door to door publishers ( charlatans )

    of his works themselves.

    Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    This self propelled driving machine still exists to this day.

  • tec

    This is a very powerful thread - for everyone, I think, regardless of faith, lack of faith, or religion. The most important thing being - at least to me - that Jesus DID warn us, and well ahead of time.


  • PSacramento

    Jesus warned us about MANY things that we see in the WT and Organized religion:

    The hypocrits like those that proclaim God and Jesus et by their actions show that they don't know them.

    Those that alter the scriptures for their own goals ( scribes) something that Jereimiah also warned people about before Jesus came.

    He warned us about those that woudl say the end was here/coming or that he had returned.

    He warned Us that NO ONE knows the time of judgment or His return.

    He warned Us that by love we would know his true followers.

    He warned that those that do not care and love and treat the least of his bretheren, would not be accepted.

    He warned us of many things that we see right in front o our eyes.

    And we are.

  • tec

    We don't listen very well, do we?

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