Jesus warned us about JWs!

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  • wasblind

    3Mozzies and Peacedog,

    y'all are HOT,

    Peacedog wrote:

    Those faithful ones brought into the temple are incorporated into God’s organization and made a part of the ‘elect servant’, because such are in Christ and form a part of The Christ. --WT 9/1/1931 p.260

    3mozzies wrote:

    Let's read Matthew 24:4-5 from the The Emphatic Diaglott

    And answering the Jesus said to them: Take heed, not any one you may deceive.
    Many for shall come in the name of me, saying: I am the Anointed; and many they shall deceive.

    If this doesn't seal the deal on them beingFALSE PROPHETSi don't know what will

  • wasblind

    i meant to say the two of you qouted, sorry

    y'all just got me so excited

  • PSacramento

    Has anyone ever asked a JW about this?

    I mean, Christ means annointed right?

    There is only ONE Christ it is NOT a class, where does the bible show that the term Christ is applied to anyone other than Jesus?

    While Paul mentions being IN Christ (Union with) he never sayed that anyone will BE Christ.

    So to insinuating that one or any person is Christ is in clear violation of what is taught in the NT.

    And as shown above, there is a direct warning against just a thing.

  • WingCommander

    I have to admit that these are exactly the scriptures I thought of a few years ago when they had that District Convention titled, "Follow The Christ". Everyone in attendance soon found out that "The Christ" was really The Faithful & Discreet Slave. So, they have placed themselves onto Jesus' throne as King of Kings, and are demanding that we follow THEM, and that the time is at hand.

    So yeah, I'd say that scripture fits them to a "T".

    - Wing Commander

  • Essan

    LOL I have 'post envy'. :)

    Powerful OP.

    As someone rightly said, that would make a fantastic billboard - the Bible quotes, the picture of the book and some simple text below it, something along the lines of. "Beware of Jehovah's Witnesses".

  • thetrueone

    Russell's commercial efforts were always against bible scripture, alot of misinformation and false teachings ( Pyramidology ),

    unfortunately it created a powerful and wealth publishing operation/corporation that drew off of these teachings.

    Most likely this was the reason the first president of the WTS. ( W. Conelly ) left and went on to support another domination.

    When Rutherford took over he threw out some of Russell's proclamations but held on to what he could to use for himself.

    Make no mistake about it, Rutherford was a power playing opportunist that found the WTS. as a vehicle to prop up his own personal stature.

    He wasn't just a lawyer representing the WTS. he had become the president, with all the purveying power and control in his hands.

    Whatever Russell established Rutherford embellished it further for his own means.

  • undercover

    Good thread!

    Great quotes and comparisons.

    I had to comment so I can find this thread easier later.

  • PSacramento

    You know what is really sad though?

    They have had many opportunities to fix these very problems.

    It reminds me of that whole World Wide Chricuh of God fiasco, but at least th people that were in control when Armstong died and saw the lies for what they were, they fixed the problem as best they could.

    But these guys did NOTHING but make it worse.

    They could have fixed it when Russell died or when Rutherford or after the crap of 1975 or after knorr or after Fred Franz died, when all that they did was shown to be wrong.

    But nope, they didn't fix it.


  • peacedog

    Who is the mediator of the New Covenant? Christ Jesus? Or "The Christ"?

    Paul is pretty clear when he says it is "the man Christ Jesus":

    For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus (1 Tim 2:5)

    However... since the WT$ claims to also be "The Christ" along with Jesus, they include themselves in this "one mediator":

    [The New Covenant] will be exactly like the old Law Covenant, except that it will have a better Mediator--The Christ, Head and Body. --WT Oct 1/1915 p.294 (R5776)

    "The Christ": "Head" = Jesus; "Body" = "anointed" jws

  • LostGeneration

    What is also amazing is that if you do a search on the WT CD rom they basically ignore the they are well aware of it!

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