SERIOUS QUESTION: just how many demons will fit inside a person?

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  • sooner7nc

    I do what I can...

  • Rapunzel

    It would be a shitty existence for the asshole demon. On the flip side of the coin, this demon would not have to work hard at all; it could just fart around all day.

  • sooner7nc

    Good one R-Zel. I'm too lazy to type Rapunzel.

  • Joey Jo-Jo
    Joey Jo-Jo

    Regarding the initial question, its a hard question to ask because you would have to ask the demons directly and even if you do they can easily lie, as an example there are still a lot of people that think they are talking to the dead. I think its 1 as 1 brain controls the whole body.

  • ProdigalSon

    The Gnostic gospels that the Roman church did their best to destroy portray demons in quite a different light. According to them, the demons inside Mary Magdalene were egos, the constant chatter of those false identities that are constantly competing for control of our mind. There is no limit to how many there can be. The Dalai Lama said it could number in the thousands. It all depends on how badly we've been brainwashed by everything we're exposed to in this world. That's why in eastern philosophy it is stressed how important it is to quiet the mind during meditation in order to "hear" the Divine source within, otherwise known as "intuition". Satan can do NOTHING without human agents to work through. So just like God is within, Satan and the demons are within, and if people read the Bible with that in mind, it would make all the sense in the world and the book would actually be useful for something. A couple of examples, the Gnostic interpretation of the otherwise ridiculous Cain and Abel story is that Cain represents the egos and Abel is the Divine Inner Self. Jerusalem is the Holy Place which is within you, and the King of Babylon (Antichrist) who conquers and takes captive is the egos that put a person into exile away from God.


  • poppers

    Very interesting, ProdigalSon. And a thumbs up to zannahdoll I enjoyed your post very much .

  • Terry

    You want to know what I like most about starting these Topic threads?

    You can see the fertility of the human mind in the absence of data!

    We are storytellers by nature. We like connecting dots.

    The less we know the greater the distance between dots.

    In that lacuna rests the storytelling.

    Speculation leads to hypothesis and a "smoothing out" of the gaps.

    Once the initial premise has been smoothed out and filled in with logical possibilities the story fattens into a REtelling; a much more CONVINCING

    retelling without the gaps. And so on.

    Pretty soon we will come up with a definite number of demons per person. I'm optimistic!!

    Thanks everyone. I'm in awe of the certainty, confidence and fecundity of your minds!

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    Terry I told you what My Dad told me and He should KNOW!!! He showed them how to do it........

    If people hear voices at Zoo's why can't my Dad (Satan) tell me the truth.....................wait a min.???

    Rolling Eyes

  • zannahdoll

    You can see the fertility of the human mind in the absence of data!


    Thanks everyone. I'm in awe of the certainty, confidence and fecundity of your minds!

    Terry: I thought you said theists don't think?

  • Leolaia
    I wonder who owned the pigs? Did jesus really trash the guys flock lol

    A flock of pigs? I wonder if the deemunz made them taste like chicken?

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