SERIOUS QUESTION: just how many demons will fit inside a person?

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  • Terry

    Someday we are going to celebrate national LEOLAIA day and all raise our flagons to our resident Saint of unflagging scholarship!


  • White Dove
    White Dove

    How many demunz fit inside a human?

    I've pondered a question similar to it: Could the demunz in Legion actually be his many personalities due to a traumatic experience? If so, how many personalities can a person split into?

    And, could Legion have been schizophrenic?

  • Terry

    And, could Legion have been schizophrenic?

    Or, the pigs!

  • AllTimeJeff

    Terry, I hope you will take this in the spirit I mean it (read; not disrespectfully) but the more important question is, how many olives can you fit in a proper martini?

    Back to the topic at hand, point well made.

  • GLTirebiter

    Facetious to start, serious at the end...

    Let's do some arithmetic and make a good estimate.

    As an average-size adult male American, my body mass is about 80kg.

    I'm very close to neutrally bouyant, so my specific gravity is very close to 1.0 kg/liter.

    That makes my body volume 80 liters, which is 80,000 cc, which is 80,000,000 cubic millimeters,

    The head of a large sewing pin is about 1 cubic millimeter, so you can fit about 80,000,000 heads of pins in the volume of my body.

    If you'll tell me how many demons fit in the head of a pin, I can give you your answer (assuming a standing-room-only crowd with no room left for the dance floor).

    But considering they're spiritual beings with no fixed physical dimensions, that last step will always be missing a key factor. Thus, the problem defies a numerical solution. Let's just say, there will be as many as are allowed to live there (that's my serious answer).

  • Rabbit
    Rabbit uberDub xwife once burned a pile of MY stuff bought at garage sales, as tho' there were many demonz or maybe she carpet bombed them all to be sure and get the bastard.

    But, when she caught me looking at a Playboy, she said, "You must have a demon." Singular. Hmmm...wonder what body part that demon inhabited? And, how big was he?

  • Sam Whiskey
    Sam Whiskey

    37 Regular size, 14 fatties....

  • sabastious

    I'm not sure why you think anyone is going to take this topic seriously... You are only gonna get the "it's in the Bible so it happened" response. Sometimes that response can be imparted with many words or fewer words, it depends on the person.


  • transhuman68

    Demons in a Dubby? Lots.

    In a normal unsuperstitious person: None...

  • Farkel

    :SERIOUS QUESTION: just how many demons will fit inside a person?

    Serious answer: ARE YOU CRAZY OR SOMETHING?

    No, really here is a "serious" answer: None, if you use earplugs. Demons can only get "in" through your ears. No earplugs: demons. Earplugs: no demons.


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