The evidence AGAINST evolution.

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  • nicolaou

    Where is it?

    Not in the fossil record, geographical spread or D.N.A. It's certainly not found in the perfect 'design' of our bodies or the planet we live on. So where? Without appealing to the supernatural or 'sacred texts' where can solid evidence be found against Darwinian evolution by natural selection?

    Please, none of that "but the Universe is so beautiful/amazing/awe-inspiring" nonsense. I think believers under-estimate and under-appreciate just how incredible the natural world really is!


  • cantleave

    It's in the literature silly!!!

  • zoiks

    Cantleave has it right. Creationist literature speaks volumes.

  • PSacramento
  • bohm

    First item on the list confuse abiogenesis and evolution and is obviously wrong

    Even by creationist standards, that list is pretty horrible. Is there one item on the list you like?

  • sir82

    Just for clarity: The "wrongness" is that evolution does not require any such thing.

    However, by the way, probably within our lifetimes we will observe "non living matter turn into a living organism" - or at the very least, close enough to spark lively debate over what it means to be "alive".

  • cofty

    Oh dear, the list at "Changing lives online" is so bad its almost a parody of ill-informed creationism

  • bohm

    From the list, item 4:

    "The Second Law of Thermodynamics tells us that a system will always go from order to disorder unless there is a plan or outside intelligence to organize it. "

    oh my God... tell me thats a joke.

  • bohm

    item 5: Mutation never produces evolution

    my god, its not right - but its not even wrong!

  • cantleave

    ROTFPMSL at that creationist site.Thanks for posting the link Psac - made my day. I've given myself an asthma attack laughing so much.

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