The evidence AGAINST evolution.

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  • NowAndThen


    Not worth the trouble. Been on a good number of big boards before (then H2O with "heavyweights" like AF, Gedanken, COMF, etc.) where it was a joy to. This board is the most unbalanced by a long shot, filled to the brim with the walking dead. I read you all and I wonder: why would people moan so much. The WT Bitch, of course! It did you all in - or perhaps you all did yourselves in. In the end, most posters here are slaves of their WT past of their own device. In fact, they have become more enslaved to the WT after leaving. Or they have chosen other masters (Dawkins, Darwin) to whom they devote more energy than is reasonable. They lavish in their newfound "joy" of embracing agnosticism and atheism. Something says it is all fake, overall. If you are happy, you would be quiet or less rambunctious. Most here are not. Even the most trivial of issues are made to look grand. The French have a name for it: "la folie de grandeur". It is all sad. With all due respect, most here need a life!


  • cofty

    Interesting - faced with a choice of having a self-serving rant or answering the question you chose the latter.

    If Dawkins became a Ken Ham disciple tomorrow it would make not a jot of difference. The evidence for evolution needs no charismatic champions, its just objective reality - get over it

  • NowAndThen

    Thus spake Oracle Cofty.

    Your reality is an illusion and no better than believing unicorns exist.

  • Copernic

    I don't know if they have an answer for that :

  • jookbeard


    this forum may have it faults and no one is perfect, but many folks spend countless hours here researching and compiling evidence to aid and help many thousands of newbies and lurkers and older timers like myself who have been enslaved to the lies and constant dishonesty of the WTS, just think how many families around the world who dont have to worry about withholding life saving medical treatment from their own children and loved ones because of the stupidity of the WTS's blood ban, this is a life saving work here, you may not like it but please dont disrespect it.

  • NowAndThen


    I do respect this board, that is why I registered to post in the first place. I am with you concerning some of the benefits. I also express my thoughts pretty energetically sometimes. It's a flaw of sorts. But yes, some of the work here is life-saving.

    I do appreciate the effort, really and truly.

  • bohm

    NowAndThen: Why are you here?

    I also express my thoughts pretty energetically sometimes. It's a flaw of sorts.

    Do you have a mental illness like mania or bipolar?

  • NowAndThen

    Yes I do, Dr. bohm, having evolved.

    It's not your board, from what I gather. I can post what I like, provided I do not violate board policy.

  • bohm

    NowAndThen: You seem to bounche up and down emotionally, and i dont want to make the mistake and argue a mentally ill person again (last time i felt bad afterwards). Do you have a mental illness of some sort?

    You call us the walking dead, we moan, there is a gazillion things wrong and you dont seem interested in a debate. Why are you here?

  • NowAndThen

    I don't "bounche" up. Make that "bounce" Bohm.

    Now that I see you are a psychiatrist and an expert in remote diagnosis, I wonder who is madder.

    Doctor, cure thyself.

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