Im finally leaving my jw husband.

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  • littlebird

    Gary- I think it may be different because you were never a witness, my husband fills compelled to bring me and the kids back in it. Thanks for the good wishes

    Aquagirl- You are right, the insanity is no exaggeration. Were we that bad?

    Cult classic- Thank you , Im trying to be brave. I know if I cave, nothing will ever change & I'll be miserable.

    Sabastious- Thank you, I havent been on the board much lately, but this is the first place I came. No one else could understand. My husband is a master at acting like a normal person to other people.

    Essan- thank you also, I will take your advice.

  • Lost-In-Translation


    I sincerely wish you peace and happiness as you start a new chapter in your life. No one should have to tolerate abuse on a daily basis. Your husband sounds like a fanatic. You will be okay.

  • littlebird

    The true one- I agree!

    Free at last- I love your grandma!

    wasblind- When you put it that way, I couldn't cope for another 25yrs.

    consfearacy- if you live in colorado, you'll hear soon enough, we are pretty well known out here. Id love for you to ask what his deal is!

    lost in translation- thanks for the sentiments, it really does mean something to me, everyones comments do. kisses

  • chrisjoel

    OMG!!! You just described my father! If he sees anything that can be construed as demonic then watch out , THE END is coming! Call the elders and purify the house! I feel for my mother who has to put up with all his paranoia. So i can really relate to your situation.

    The thing that gets me is that now, after you leave for peace of mind, they are all going to be on the HUNT. What HUNT am i refering to you ask? THE HUNT to see if you are moral or immoral. The permission for him to proceed to find another marriage mate if of course that is what happens....Forgive me for bringing it up but I went through all that with my jw wife after a short 6 yrs of marriage as she wanted to remarry and sometimes it was the ONLY reason she talked to me through my the time. If i could do it all over i wouldnt TELL THEM A THING.

    I divorced her and I feel that leaving was the BESt possible thing i could do since it was living with a complete stranger. She wanted to eat sleep dream JW stuff. I only wanted to question it......

    I hope the best possible future for you and your kids and am so glad to hear you cant swallow theyre crap and make "them" happy!

  • BabaYaga

    Aw, Hon, I'm sorry for the loss you feel... but I am so very excited and happy for you. How wonderful... an adventure! You will love having your own space... and love (as you have already said) not having to walk on eggshells (recalled eggshells or not.)

    You'll be fine.


  • Hadit

    Littlebird you have my hearfelt empathy! It is a scary thing after than many years to be on your own but your sanity is worthy it. My husband is the same way and he is manipulating my son about the truth. I want to get my son out that is why I can't make a move yet. I'm trying to convince my husband but it goes nowhere and it is so frustrating! I completely understand the walking on eggshells. There comes a point where you just can't take it anymore.

    I wish you all the very best. Take it one day at a time - you can do it! You will be able to think in peace and get to know yourself better and you will be stronger for it. Nobody needs someone telling them they are buddies with Satan. How hateful.

    Take good care of yourself and good luck!

    Hugs - Hadit

  • littlebird

    Chris- Oh man, I didn't even think about that! Maybe Ill catch "them" watching me and have them arrested for stalking!

    Baba- Im glad you're excited, I think I will be more so once Im out of this house. It will be neat to do what I want when I want to.

  • cyberjesus

    wish you the best

  • littlebird

    Hadit, I wish you the best also. Both my sons left the organization before me, so it was easier for me to get out of it. Its very frustrating, you can hear their doubts, but they wont connect the dots.

  • littlebird

    Thanks cyber!

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