What would you ask Satan?

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  • wozza

    Why did you let the Catholic Church set which books got put into the Bible ..............oh sorry that was God was'nt it?

  • dinah

    I like the way you think, wozza.

    All scripture may be inspired by God, but man selectively picked and chose what we read. And the sheeple just go along...........God said pork would kill you in the Koran...............then we got refrigerators.

  • EndofMysteries

    If the deepest evils, torture, the real bad stuff, is from him, WHY? If I mess up or anything, I don't try to make others go with me. Unless some of the things said are not true, which I'm not going beyond anymore as a possibility. But if everything said bout him is. How can the perfect model of wisdom go so evil?

  • Mattieu

    In an Austin Powers voice "Are you Horny baby???"

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    Why am I talking to myself again?

    Do you think I am crazy?

    The Oracle

  • The_Present_Truth

    How do you become "evil" in the abscence of evil?

    Did you chuckle just a bit as you watched God "confuse the languages of man" while they were trying to build the Tower of Babel (completely elongating the process of uniting mankind ever again - even for the purpose of worshiping God, thus buying you more time in the global controversy over who deserves to be worshiped) only to allow man later on (in modern times) to build sky scrapers that no doubt make the Tower of Babel look like a tinker toy?

    How does it feel to be selling something that everyone wants and can't even help subscribing to? (sin)

    Do you find it as ironic as some of us that most every war that has ever been fought on Earth has been fought in the "name of God" and not your name (the Devil)?

    Did you know, and if so "how did you know", when you tempted Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, that God would not immediately strike you, and the two initial sinners of mankind (Adam and Eve) dead in your tracks and start the human race fresh again instead of dragging the 10 billion +/- humans to follow ,and who knows how many angels in heaven, into this "controversy" and so called "court case" regarding God's right to be worshiped while at the same time God prophecies that it really doesn't matter what choices humans make or angels make or how any of it plays out - he's still going to win and all this time, suffering, and mind-f*cking of the human race in HIS name by the religions of the Earth will have been for nothing when he could have gotten straight to it and limited the punishment to you, Adam, Eve and however many angels had fallen at that point in time? Was there some premise in place, rule of law, etc that God had set forth that required him to give you this length of time?

    Knowing God's immense, precise power and his ability to strategically kill human enemies of his people using either angels or even natural elements- did you completely sh*t your proverbial pants when he decided to flood the entire Earth like the Bible says he did, thus killing not only the wicked men and women who were his targets but also all of the innocent animals (especially since later on the Bible it's written "God is Love" - hardly seems like a loving act as it relates to innocent animals) except for two of each species that were on the Ark? Were you thinking to yourself "Over-reactor!" And maybe before you answer that, did the flood even really happen? The notion of getting two of every species of animal on an Ark has never seemed logical or even possible to me -even with today's large ships- say nothing about the logistics of getting them to migrate their way across the globe to the site of the Ark. Seem like it would have been easier to just whack the bad humans.

    What's the scoop on the other planets, suns, solar systems etc? What's going on out there and what are they being used for? How far into space had you traveled prior to your banishment to Earth?

    Approximately how many demons, along with yourself, are currently roaming the Earth. What do they look like, how can you recognize them?

    Is Obama working for you?

    I could go on and on ......

  • StAnn

    "Is Obama working for you?"

    LOL at The Present Truth!

  • The_Present_Truth

    ..... I'm just askin'. Couldn't resist StAnn.

  • frigginconfused

    The_Present_Truth Wow! Thats what I was looking for. You were great!

    I started this thread because I think to truely know the whole story you have to hear both sides of it. The JW's shy away from thinking about satan and how he works. From a military standpoint this is completley flawed. I want to know everything I can about the enemy. Or if Im even on the right side!

    Keep em comin!

  • tec

    Okay then...

    Why, if you were leading a 'just' rebellion against God, did you involve two innocents you KNEW would suffer if they followed your suggestions? How loving was that?

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