What would you ask Satan?

by frigginconfused 62 Replies latest jw friends

  • designs

    'Gigli' was filled with secret images affecting the subconscious.....................very disturbing

  • tec

    Mine was serious too, FC.

    Perhaps you're looking for something specific, and not finding it? In which case, you might want to lead a bit.


  • cyberjesus

    wasblind wants a serious question to ask Satan in the event he is interviewed by the news media..... WASBLIND what kind of reporter do you want us to be?.... That is a serious question right?

    Satan why are you so Evil? I mean are you really upset with God or with the people? Are you mad at the angels? Was Jesus Christ your pal at some point? Satan do you have anger problems? Why is pleasure so good?

    Or do you want questions like Howard Stern:

    Do you Fart when you use the toilet? If you pass Gas does hell gets hotter? Do you like Anal? When did you lose your virginity? Do you really like porn?

  • sabastious
    "Do you feel bitter about being falsely accused of lying in the Garden of Eden, when it was actually Yahweh who was the liar?”
    “Does God have a penis? Yes I’m serious, since God apparently is male shouldn’t he have something down there? Or is he like a androgynous Ken doll?”

    Don't have to ask a spirit being to get that answer. With all the penis obsessions in the Old Testament we can be assured God has at least a thirteen incher, or at least the spiritual equivalent.


  • brizzzy

    I recommend reading "I, Lucifer" by Glen Duncan. I don't believe in a god or Satan, but it's still some really fascinating religious satire, and if there really was a god/devil, then I imagine that it would have gone down pretty much as Glen Duncan wrote it. Satan answers in his own words a lot of the questions asked above by other posters, and it's definitely one of those books that makes you think.

  • cameo-d

    No god? No devil?

    Brizzy, great to see some common sense coming to light.

    When are people going to quit blaming spooks for the squeaky wheels and take responsibility to put some WD-40 on it?

    When will people quit waiting for Jesus to come back and fix everything and spank those who were mean to them? We have the power to set many of these things right and the time is at hand.

    We are not children...we are adults. WT keeps trying to put the adults down to that level by making them raise their hands and beg for permission to read or answer questions just like most of us did in first grade. It is a very crippling indoctrination designed to make people grovel, beg, and give up their personal power. JWs will never build strength of character as long as they comply with this.

  • free2beme

    Thanks for making sex kinky, because if we had to do it only the way conservative Christians say is acceptable. Life would suck. So no question, just, 'Thanks man!'

  • EmptyInside

    If you really are the ruler of this world,why not try to improve on things a little? huh.

    If I choose to worship God in another way then the Watchtower tells me, does that mean I'm really serving you?

    Is evil something you are or something you do, or a little of both?

    Did snakes have legs before you caused it to be cursed?

  • chrisjoel

    If you already know whats supposed to happen to you,why dont you do something to THROW A MONKEY WRENCH into the whole bible prophecy thing? Like appearing before Mankind and telling everyone to worship Jehovah?

    Does God prevent you from appearing to Mankind?

    Do you consider yourself stronger physically than Jesus and do you think you can take Jesus in a fight?

    Why dont you appear to the President of the USA or appear during Congress and then disappear just to make things intresting?

    What happens when you try to go up to heaven again? Have you ever tried to go see the BIG MAN again just to see whats up?

    How many ppl can you interact with at any one time and what kind of special powers do you have?

    If you know theyre going to throw u into an abyss for a 1000 yrs do you have a plan to thwart that? Wat do u plan on doing for all that time intheir?

    Have you ever had sex with a earthly woman or man, and if so , what was it like for you? Were you jelous the Nephilim got to have sex with earth chics?

    Has GOD ever told you any secrets he didnt tell Jesus?

    Are you the guy whos been flying around that UFO for all thses centuries?

  • wasblind

    frigginconfused said: "Cmon you guys gotta be better than this! No room for serious thought?"

    cyberjesus said:"wasblind wants a serious question to ask Satan in the event he is interviewed by the news media..... WASBLIND what kind of reporter do you want us to be?.... That is a serious question right?"

    WASBLIND ASK: cyberjesus, what the hell you been smokin' ? you got me confused with friggin

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