To DF'd people: have you gotten your yearly visit? Ever?

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  • asilentone

    Missing Link: Silence.......

    Silent Treatment?

  • misguided

    Ah...still a no, 8 years after df'ing...and still living in the same home. Interestingly, they don't care too much about my kids (5 of them, either - now aged 17 to 23)

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    This is the first news that we were supposed to be contacted again on an annual basis.

    In nearly seventeen years, not once (not that I want one!)


  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    30th March will be the 2nd anniversary of our last meeting. No-one has called or visited and asked why we don't go anymore.

  • jookbeard

    I never got a visit although I was DA'ed I still lived with my JW wife for 2 years after, then moved a few miles away from the cong, my folks knew of my new address but in 7 years in living there never got visited either,and that suited me fine.

  • nugget

    I neither expect nor want a visit.

  • reds
  • donny

    The Elders have their hands full trying to keep the sheep they have in the pen. They have no time to look for strays.

  • reds

    It's been 16mos. since I attended a meeting. In the begining I recieved "encourageing " calls from some in the cong. I didn't return the calls. Have yet to hear from an elder for inactivity & don't want to . This loving provision has never been used for my df'd daughter either & she's been out for about 5 years. They know where we live and have our phone numbers. So much for searching for the lost sheep!

  • rocky220

    4 years inactive....elders didn't know i was alive. had a big blow-out with mom in 1978 for which she used the elders to reign me in...

    Didn't work, by then I had no use for the WTBTS. Elders stalked me coming home one day, 3 elders standing at my door issuing D'FING threats.

    I'm not one to succumb to threats....and not from these inepts anyway. I ABRUPTLY ended the exchange closing the door in their faces. I was told the d'f announcement was made and no one knew who the hell I was......what a laugh. About 6 years or more ago, mom said that one of the same elders wanted to speak with, well, I said I had some things I wanted to express as well, but mom didn't like the tone in my voice......still no word [ya' think?] [roflmao]

    rocky 220

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