Shunned by the world, then by the JWs and then shunned by Theists, when does this end?

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  • JimmyPage

    Yeah I've been trying to rebuild connections to my relatives who I lost touch with due to my parents becoming JWs decades ago. Most of them appear to be Lutheran Republicans. They constantly promote right wing ideals on Facebook and in forwarded e-mails. Makes it hard to reconnect when you're an agnostic Democrat.

  • cyberjesus

    terry I want tobe your friend, at least too meet you. loneliness is a characteristic of my life. the true one: the problem is when you care for them. to all. I think I found my really true friend here. to bad we are soo far away.

  • OnTheWayOut

    CJ, I missed this thread the first time around. Thanks for sharing this important thought.

    I think you have met some people that don't mind what you think now, yet will be your friends. But still, it shouldn't be a deciding factor in shunning or avoiding people. I think, in the U.S., there is still a huge ostracizing of atheists. Politicians virtually always need to claim Christianity to get elected and even though the vast majority are not religious, they expect others to believe in the same mythical God they believe in.

    Press on, friend. You may lose people along the way, but the ones you gain will be worth more anyway.

  • wobble

    I guess it is real hard for you guys in the US of A.

    Here in the U.K society is increasingly becoming more and more secular, and even decades ago people here did not take religion or church-going seriously.

    We have politicians who are openly non-believers, although they do not press the point, they want the religious vote too.

    I often identify myself as Atheist/Humanist and I haven't yet had more than a shrug, as if to say "So what ? " as a response.

    none of my friends would label themselves as "Christian" although on official forms etc. they still put down the religion of their parents, R.C or C of E etc.

    I suppose a lot of the laid back attitude comes from the good old C of E who always had the attitude they were a "Broad Church" encompassing many views and not being judgemental.

  • PSacramento

    Jesus never shunned anyone, nor should anyone that professes to follow Him.

    You're a cool dude, even if you are not in tune with the rich spiritual creaminess of the Universe ;)

  • zombie dub
    zombie dub

    Are you in the USA dude? Most of the UK/Europe is atheist, give the USA another couple of hundred years to evolve and it might catch other parts of the world up, until then maybe consider moving?

  • Ri

    I wouldn't worry about it....unless you are being a pest with your belief....are you? Nothing like a pest who wants to prove what they believe and to shove it down your throat. Atheist can be pest also.

  • cyberjesus

    Yes I am in the US. The issue is this. Religious people are usually very open with their beliefs. They make references to either God, prayer, spirituality etc etc in their everyday conversation... is that being a pest? Now what happens when you say just openly you dont believe on those things.... Whats the reaction? of acceptance? Most people feel attacked by the simple fact you dont believe what they do, at least in this country.

    Anyway I just wanted to share something that happens to us Atheists here in the US, thats why many choose to call themselves agnostics. Its safer :-)

  • PSacramento
    Are you in the USA dude? Most of the UK/Europe is atheist, give the USA another couple of hundred years to evolve and it might catch other parts of the world up, until then maybe consider moving?

    Most of the UK and Europe are atheist?


    I think that most have finally gotten the picture that what they believe is NO ONE's business, maybe that, byt that the majority of people in the UK and Europe are atheist... you have stats for that cause:

  • cyberjesus

    Interesting statistics, I wouldnt say the majority of europe is atheist rather less than half of the population still believes in a God.

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