Shunned by the world, then by the JWs and then shunned by Theists, when does this end?

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  • laverite

    I really wish more people were like Tammy and Wasblind. There are too many people who just can't seem to behave in a loving manner (from all religions and groups, I am sure).

  • unshackled

    I hear ya Cyber. My path is similar to yours. Left about 10 years ago. Shunned by the majority of my family, all the friends and relatives I had growing up too. All basically gone from my life. Although I dislike the word atheist that is the category I would now be put into. I don't like the word because it seems unneccessary, we don't have a word for being a non-astrologer or being a non-stamp collector.

    Anyways, there are days where I just shake my head that an atheist is considered the odd one just because we don't sign up for one of the thousands of belief systems. We choose not to be a member of one of the "we have all the answers about life" clubs. Choosing to not believe anything without evidence should be considered a virtue. Apparently not on this planet.

    Think it was Sam Harris that said something like this..."George W. Bush said that invading Iraq was a mission from God. The president says he talks with God thru prayer. But if he announced that he talked to God thru his blowdryer there would be a national uproar. I don't see how the blowdryer part makes it anymore adsurd."

  • steve2

    Not wishing to rain on others parade, but Christ and his many and varied believers don't have a monopoly on love; shunning others is also un-Buddha like.

  • wasblind

    It's alright steve,

    your not raining on my parade, I can only speak on the one i was taught about ,i don't know anything about budhist.

  • ziddina

    Ah, CyberJesus??

    Shunning may be a bit painful, but at least you get a HECK uv-a LOT more work done!!


  • tec

    I also agree, Steve, and I also was speaking about the shunning by people claiming to be Christians - in addition to people from every walk of life.


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I understand where you're coming from, CJ. I'm an atheist, and I've found that the more I articulate my opinions, the less contact I have from those who once seemed very friendly. Like Tony Soprano's Mom said, "Boo Hoo, poor you!" (meaning me).

    Actually, I understand it, I think.

    I don't believe a spirit realm exists populated with any kind of "intelligent living things" whether they be gods, sons-of-god, angels, demons, or whatever. I call these figments "imaginary friends." I do not believe in an afterlife or reincarnation.

    I can see how this must harsh the mellow of my believing friends. They think of calling me, maybe, and remember, "oh, yeah, Nate thinks I have imaginary friends. Does he think I'm STUPID? I'll call him later, maybe."

    The problem is, both of us - my friend and I - are here now. In this "now," I try to be a nice guy. I'm kind and generous, I think. I'm not a freeloader or a moocher. I don't want special treatment, I just want to have and to be a friend.

    Oh well. maybe in the next life. That's a joke, get it?

  • Hadit

    I have not ever been shunned for being a witness. The "worldly" people were usually much nicer to me than the ones in my own hall who were too busy gossiping, being jealous or hateful. I was bugged a few times in school but no big deal most others were nice and didn't really care what I believed. I was never one to push my beliefs on people and always believed that people have the right to believe what they want - it's their life and their choice. Perhaps that’s why I wasn’t an exemplary witness! The WT teaches a veneer of love – it is not a true love and acceptance of others. Anyone different is to be thrown away and cast out. They have done such a disservice to families and people’s lives.

    As for what people believe once they come out of the organization - again that is completely up to them. After what I've been through with this organization I don't know what to believe myself. I don't trust anything that is written by man. I’m leery to accept anything. I guess that comes with the territory of finding out you’ve been completely duped. You’re more reticent.

    Hearing other’s points of views helps to sharpen our critical thinking skills. The world is so much bigger and more complex than the WTS canned and sterilized mind control version of things. None of us have all the answers. Anyone that thinks they do is terribly misguided.

    People have a right to believe what they want as long as their beliefs don’t infringe upon others. Shunning completely unloving.

  • xelder

    I don't need Anger Management......I just need people to Quit pissing me off

  • cyberjesus

    the is such a misconception about what atheism is that is almost ridiculous to hear people express their opinions. and all an atheist is, is someone who asks for evidence to believe, otherwise he wont believe. but they are demonized, called ignorant, cold, immoral, frustrated, mistaken missued. vn

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