most dont know me here....

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  • jaguarbass

    Hello Oompa, good to see you.

  • oompa

    ohhh....StAnn....lmao that is almost Satan!!! i love you even more!!!! why did i ignore does that mean?...but if you are hot and want out of a crappy marriage then pm me!!!....i like some honey on my cheerios btw....and i have a photobucket of my beach is not a house...a cottage...a very proper 1932 cottage that i spent two years painstakenly restoring that is a classic....some from here have been there many here are welcome to it! btw....friends and family rate too!!!! halfway between myrtle beach and wilmington.....perfect

  • Out at Last!
    Out at Last!

    Hello Oompa, good to hear from you. Are you all healed up from your little fall? We still have to get together and ride somewhere. We've been talking about it since last December. I hope you are doing well Physically & otherwise.

    Take care and keep in touch old friend.

  • chickpea


    hang on for all it's worth, mate....
    this go round is possibly the only
    one we get, so kick its ass!!

    take good care!


  • yknot
  • oompa

    YUMMMMMMMM......THIS IS FUN!!!!!.....YOU CAN CHECK OUT MY fb OR OKCUPID.COM....UNDER ERIC REEDER....AND YA...I AM IN nice to have no more fears...i even had to let my mom and dad and son was a bitch and a mindfluck.....but that was THEIR true to yourself and realise that life is not that short....only the second half....GO FOR IT!!!!!.......oompa

  • changeling

    Just "unfriended" you. By posting this here and letting everyone see and go check out your FB you may have endangered the privacy of some of us. I know that's not your intention, and I'm happy you're free, but there is more in life to consider than just you.

  • crazyblondeb

    glad to see you posting! been wondering how u were!!

    BTW....i'm pretty sure you spent more than 3 hours a day here, sometimes! LOL

    luvs ya!


  • kurtbethel

    Okay I friended you as I have very little to hide. In fact, I should market it.

  • oompa

    oh crap......changling.....i never thought of so sorry....i would never have wanted to cause you or anyone else any harm....but it is too late to take it sorry girl....really!......hope you can forgive me...and i am almost never on facebook....if a mod would delete this thread i would really appreciate it....i have so many facebook friends from here and i guess i really screwed soooooooo sorry....i did not think about sorry...............oompa

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