most dont know me here....

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  • cognac

    ooommmppppssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How are ya??? I miss ya! I gotta talk to you on the bat phone again, lol. I haven't been on here a lot either and didn't know you were even getting a divorce. We gotta catch up!

  • Mattieu

    Oompa & StAnn, LOL at both of you! No Im not a hot babe nor am I a swingin sailor! Whats long and hard and full of seamen? A submarine...

    Look forward to checking out the 1932 beach house when I get over, could be a bottle of wild turkey or two coming through duty free ;-)

    Cheers, Mattieu

  • cantleave

    Oompa great to see you again. I am in exactly the same position. I don't own it, but am a senior manager in a company started by witlesses and where 50% of the employees are still witlesses including the Director I report to. He is an elder in a different congregation to the one I attended, but we often exchanged as away speakers and were in the same circuit.

    I am NOT DF'd but it is known at work that I have stopped going to meetings. Some of the witlesses are as they have always been but a few are obviously distancing themself from me.

    Unfortunately I spend a great deal of time travelling to conferences alone with my boss, and he usually tries to turn the conversation around to my spirituality. The last week he brought up how the circuit misses my talks, as I had a unique style which people could relate to. He also said I have a responsibility to make sure my kids are being fed spiritually.

    The problem is I cannot say what I really feel or he would report me as an apostate. I don't want to leave because I am good at what I do and really enjoy the role. I have only been permanant there since May of this year but have consulted for them since 2006.

    The good news is the company was bought out last year by a PLC so I am hpoing the ratio of witlesses to non witlesses will change for the better in thye future.

  • changeling

    No problem. I know you meant no harm. But, as you know, you never know who lurks here and I can't risk somebeody with bad intentions finding me on the friend list of someone who openly posts here and is known in my whereabouts.

  • TD

    Nice to see the 'real' you Oompa. Best wishes in all your endeavors!

  • MsDucky

    Man, I remember you going through hell. You would write your arse off about it. You had a sense of humor that shined through your pain. I hope that you keep that sense of humor and that all goes well for you. I don't know if you remember me or not. I was formerly MsMcDucket.

    Take care


    Hey Crazy Man!..


  • four candles
    four candles

    Somebody mention Wild turkey???? I'm there!!! First ones on me Oompa!!!!!

  • GLTirebiter

    Hey, the return of another friendly face! Good to have you back, Oompa.

  • oompa

    Thanks ALL! Thanks for the big welcome back! I have still been lurking a a lurker after thousands of posts...moving out of a cult like this can be a real mindfluck for many of us....this place can be your lifeline...use it!!!....................oompa

    OUTLAW you nut!....get your arse down south to see me sometime!!!

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