CO picked the wrong "old lady" to say this to!

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  • clarity

    Simon thank you, yes there is something magical.

    From my side of it, seeing my words from the early days of waking-up lets me see where & who I was.

    It is a special thrill to see the 'faces' of the lovely people on here who shared their hearts and minds with me.

    These threads are markers of how far we have come and shine a light on where we now need to go!

    Best wishes Simon!

    Gorbatchov hello! Nice to see you too. Hope you are enjoying your life!


  • Xanthippe

    Nice to hear from you Clarity, hope you're doing well. Yes I agree it's great to make friends and not think oh no they'll be destroyed if they don't come in da troof.

  • TD

    So much to like about this thread. Sorry I missed it the first time through

    Clarity, your growth and confidence jump right through the screen.

  • clarity

    Well .........

    Here's where I know I still have a way to travel ......... when I hear words that are so beautifully said, I look behind me and think, ...are you talking to me!!

    Thank you so very much TD, I appreciate your observations a lot.


  • clarity

    XAN ....hi, those awful days of delusion are gone so happy for that.

    I guess watchtower people are thinking the same about me .......gonna die at Armageddon! Not disfellowshipped but I did ask questions! lol

    A few too many looks like. Some shun me when I bump into them but surprisingly some don't! Haven't been to a kh since 2010.

    Looking forward to the new videos to come out about JW's and summer assembly crashing...... the internet has not been good to the Org.

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