CO picked the wrong "old lady" to say this to!

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  • Eustace

    If a man isn't married by the time he's 35, he's either gay or damaged goods.

    Maybe in JW land, where guys are often brainwashed not to have sex outside of marriage, but certainly not out in the world. Do you have any guys don't want to get married because they're sitting on assets and/or income and don't want this country's divorce laws to rape them financially.

  • Eustace


    The 60/40 sex ratio in the JW religion isn't helping matters.

  • pearlsister

    Clarity :

    sent you a private msge


  • LongHairGal


    Probably many men with assets don't want the divorce laws to "rape" them financially and they don't want to bother (especially if they don't want kids). Better that his money should go to his flesh and blood relatives. I certainly relate!

    This same rule applies to older women as well and she better be damn smart about it. There was a time I might have wanted to try marriage but not now. At this stage in my life I would never trade my independence to be married. Friendship, yes but marriage not likely.

  • clarity

    Wow here we go again..... years have passed and those words of the CO still ring in my ears!

    Hello to all of you who have kindly shared your thoughts on this thread, I hope you are all doing amazingly well. If not ...lets talk about it.

    Thanks a lot for all your experiences .... just realized how much I have missed you!

    Well that shocking 'waking-up' in 2010 started a heck of a journey!

    I am still here and really alive......... single still, but not living that half dead existence watchtower prescribes for "the unattached"!

    The absolute best part being able to be with PEOPLE and not think they are going to die at Armageddon! LOL

    What do you think of the masses of ex jw crashing bethel compound last November 5th and all the cart crashing ........watchtower must be crapping themselves! Some really need to be shaken-up. So stuck in!

    Prompted by the masses of daring ex jw videos, I am trying to figure out how to follow suit. ;-)

    In regard to this thread, here is the latest video of a dear brave heart, with honest and bare feelings about what this cult does to vulnerable young people who now doubt how fantastic & capable & beautiful they really are .

    Her name is Hannah

    with love...clarity

  • compound complex
    compound complex


  • LongHairGal


    I’m glad this thread surfaced again! Hope you are well.

    I am happily retired and very glad I resisted all the bad advice and pressure from the religion. I was wise to have followed my gut and I held onto MY job. What difference does it make now what any of those idiots thought about me? (I was thought of as an unspiritual, outspoken type)... For those of the JWs still living who were so ‘spiritual’...I don’t want to know about ANY of their hard-luck stories...I’m single and date occasionally and am content. I am much happier than when I was in the religion. Don’t have to listen to any CO’s bullshit.

    I’ve been keeping up with what’s happening in the JW religion and I am very thankful I walked away years ago...Good riddance.

  • clarity

    LongHairGal Hi there girl! Good to see you! Hey me too, an "unspiritual, outspoken type"! haha. Great to come back to this favorite place where so many beautiful people are pointing to the EXIT!

    Maybe I should do another Newbie Thread ....omg there are masses of JW's waking up & leaving watchtower now.

    Many are completely programmed to wt and will never get out but the amazing "apostates'' are exposing the lies & working hard to help break those final chains. oxo


    Aawwww Compound Complex how nice your hugs are, thank you sweetie!

    Hope you are well and still writing those wonderful words. oxo

  • Simon

    There's something magical and special when people come back and give updates on an older topic many years later.

    Thanks for sharing the updates clarity!

  • Gorbatchov

    Nice and good to hear from you!!


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