CO picked the wrong "old lady" to say this to!

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  • ziddina

    By the way, that whole "don't get married; just serve Jehovah until Armageddon comes and then you'll find some nice brother/sister after all that is over with" started with ol' alcoholic, skirt-chasing, organized-religion-hating, miserably-married-with-a-mistress "Judge" Rutherford....

    He died in the early '40's, right??? That would make over 70 years of lonely misery for any JW within the organization, since they've used the same refrain down through the decades...

    Same old broken record....

  • Hadit

    Welcome Clarity! I like the name and glad you found some!

    All the WTS wants is slave labour for recruitment and what better way than to have ones who are single and childless and who have nothing better to do with their lives. Oh wait . . . what about actually living their life? Who is going to pay all their bills? Is the society? It is tough enough to be married and pay all the bills never mind single . . . with no education, no career. This is while they sit on their billions of dollars being served by said single people! They make their meals, clean their place, donate all their youth and their families give more donations. It's infuriating!

    Wait till the new system? What about the part of those that are resurrected not marrying and having children? Most of the people from that initial generation are now dead! All they do is start the cycle over and over again. All they do is ruin people's lives. Of course the resurrection part and stuff is all speculation on their part. What do they know about any of that? They interpret what they want to interpret and they expect people to live their lives FOR THEM.

    How utterly sad about the sister sitting in her car alone! I'm sure that is what God wants her to feel like. They are a sick bunch of deceitful men.

    That poor lonely man with his photograph of his sweetheart! How heartbreaking.

    Yes . . . Jehovah's witnesses the happiest people on earth! How deluded.

  • Mandette


    I don't comment on here much but your post touched me. First of all, welcome.

    Secondly, in my 20's I was told to move back in with my parents, NOT to work full time, and that a SINGLE sister shouldn't buy her own home. OH! And no college either!! I'm so HAPPY I didn't listen. I left the organization when I was 26. I'm 42 now. I've not married. BUT, I have my own home, a college education, wonderful career and a retirement. And just recently, I've had a wonderful man come into my life(one who appreciates my strength unlike "brothers" who think it's "forward" or "unseemly"). NONE of this would've happened if I've stayed.

    Think for yourself, Clarity. It sounds like you're doing a great job of that already. You will find so many true friends outside the organization. The ones inside are conditional.

    The best to you!!!

  • Hiding Questioner
    Hiding Questioner

    "the multiple thousands of singles who are made veritable eunuchs because of this organization"

    "if they are going to forbid marriage in any sense of the word, and enforce singleness then maybe they should....."

    "Could they not have a serious means whereby singles can meet in a dignified way, instead of the silly cat and mouse games....."

    "This organization has no idea what a monster it has created. Jehovah's happy people? Don't kid yourself ... Jah's great crowd of lonely, lonely people!"

    Clarity, The above and all the other postings hit me hard. Though married a second time "in the Truth" I have seen so much sadness and loneliness. And, I could write a book on how messed up the JW courtship and marrage system is. It makes either bad relationships, no relationship at all and bad marriages. And the sad thing is it does not have to be this way. Before I first married and while married I wanted so much to be a good husband and make my wife happy but a lack of training, no father and poor WT leadership led to making mistakes that I didn't have to make but made only because of a lack of experience that those in the world I later found out had and were all too willing to help me out on. But, by that time, it was too late re my first marriage. This led me to wonder if marriage as a JW is so sacred and so lasting why do we not have "private" couples classes devoted solely to improving husbands and improving wives and the marriage arrangement and bond. But, it seems to me that the WT wants distroyed lives/marriage because they seem to be so jealous of anyone loving another person more so than themselves.


  • clarity

    Thanks Ziddina - amazing how those studying the bible literature with us, just glossed right over Rutherfords little piccadillo's. When Russell died, that old reprobate saw a money making opportunity for the taking! Discarding and changing 'doctrine', he went on to become one of the biggest apostates around!

    Hadit - thanks for your warm welcome. Your name says a lot! The GB plays with people's lives, their "truth" is made up and changed ... on a whim.

    Mandette - thanks for deciding to comment now. What an encouragement for young women .. and for the young men. I am so happy you didn't listen too! Congrats on all your achievements and the "wonderful man" ... he's lucky, whoops can I say that? Yes, lucky lucky lucky! I welcome true friends.

    Hiding Questioner - oh geez I thought you were going to be critical of those statements, but instead you are ... nice! Thanks for sharing your feelings HQ, to my mind, you are a rarity. With the constant Armageddon destruction "just around the corner" stuff - maybe the GB really think everything is kinda temporary. The time and effort that should be put into a marriage is overlooked in lieu of .... selling magazines for a publishing co! lol


  • StAnn

    Dear Clarity,

    I've been a married JW and a single JW. Both suck but, if you're a woman, being a single JW sucks a little bit less. So consider that you do have a little blessing. You don't know what goes on behind closed doors in those JW marriages but it usually isn't a pretty picture.

    If I were you, I wouldn't bother with the elders and I wouldn't bother for an opportunity to come up. Go out and make your own opportunity. There are people here on this site who are happily wed after meeting someone on eHarmony. Take control of your life and change it to suit you.

  • Snoozy

    I found it funny that one of the ads on this site today was

    And I can remember off hand at least two of the "Spiritual" brothers (one a CO) that threw away their wife of several years for a younger woman. The woman that stood besides them and helped them was no longer the one for them. Of course they got disfellowshipped but were later reinstated with their prettier and younger wife..and all was well for them. openly accepted by the congregation.

    The one even stayed in the same congregation and flaunted it in front of his old wife. She soon got sick and developed a deadly form of cancer. She died a year or two later. In her last days she got to see her hubby and his new bride being oh so happy. It had to have broken her heart.

    She truly was one of the "good" ones. I knew her personally and loved her dearly. Their grown daughter hated him for many years until her mom died. She eventually forgave him and they once again talked but she never felt close to him again.

  • clarity

    Hi Snoozy thanks for posting - that experience must have been hard on you too as it was your good friend. Very awkward situation - don't want to sound unfair but it does seem that it is "forgive and forget" away faster for erring bros.


  • clarity

    StAnn thanks for the advice. Don't get me wrong, -being single, sometimes I love it and sometimes it becomes a little tiresome! Now that I do not work long hours ... I think "is there not some wonderful partner out there somewhere?" Wouldn't it be great to work together as a team ... on a Home, garden, travel etc, ahhh just call me a dreamer!


  • caliber

    marking for reference

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