Two questions: 1) what was the announcement about paperback Bibles and 2) what was the video posted earlier, I think it was something about blood - plus a third thing they mentioned in the meeting

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  • undercover

    Nothing says "We cherish the Holy Writings of God" better than printing a cheapass paperback Bible...

    I can't help but think that some of these cost cutting measures have as much to do with people losing their zeal and activity as any doctrinal issue.

    If you had been used to presenting decently bound publications and nicely bound Bibles (except for the pukey green one) and then they change everything to cheap paperbound books... and Bibles even, it has to send a subliminal message. It's as if your subconscience realizes that if they're so cheap so as to devalue the literature then why am I concerned with working too hard...

    And once again, the WTS is in reactionary mode. They're reacting to a situation that is the result of an originally poorly planned out reaction to cutting costs.

  • undercover
    Is THIS the longest thread question yet??


  • OnTheWayOut

    2) ....Now I am searching the forum on my PC and I can't find this thread anywhere. It sounded interesting. Two people said that they are not emotional types but the video was powerful.

    I think this is the thread:

    The video is not about JW's at all, it's a heartstring-puller about a runner that pulled a hamstring and his father aided him to finish an Olympic Sprint (several minutes after it was over) instead of just walking off the track. It implied that the Father in heaven is like that.
    I will give you an unlinked and a linked copy:

  • yknot
    (except for the pukey green one)


    Viva Verde 4Ever!!!!

  • slimboyfat

    Thanks OnTheWayOut that's the one. Good video even if not what I was expecting.

    undercover you are dead right about cheap publications sending out a subliminal message about their worthless contents.

    minimus I think this thead title was longer.

  • Soldier77

    You know that paperback version was just a WTF? moment when I got reinstated few years back. I picked one up and said to the elder nearby, what the heck is this? this is like the cheapest looking bible I've ever seen, don't we have any pride in what we give to the public?

    I mean seriously, cheapass paperback for the loss.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Wow sbf, kudos for listening to the meeting over the telephone! It's all I can manage dragging my carcass to the meeting every once in a while.

  • AnnOMaly

    Didn't they say production of the mini Bibles were being suspended as well? I couldn't get whether it was temporary or permanent.

  • slimboyfat

    I only really listen to the annoucements to see what's new. I was wondering why the announcements were pretty brief these days. Now I know!

  • seenitall

    The letter stated that for the time being soft bound Bibles would not be available. Use what is in stock, no more to be printed or shipped. They were wearing out quickly, the lettering on the cover wore right off and in humid areas the Bibles turned to mush and exploded apart. Deluxe and Reference bibles still available as special order item - only for regular attendees and baptized bros. The hardcover Bibles black only still available and this is what we can give the public (just this bible type). No more pocket size bibles of any sort available (Remember the little red bible?)

    PDFs of mags (awake, public & study wt) and selected books now available at

    mp3 of new acts book available at - next study book.

    the deal on signing over the money - it is a congregation survey that is done once a year showing what pubs are likely to donate towards the cong fund. this way the congs see if they can make the bills. many congs can't make their payments to the society and they are giving breaks to some congs who can't make the payments, doing what they can (how loving! yuk!) they need to just stop all payments or sign over all the deeds to them. Taxes, income, interest statements (1099)s - it must be a nightmare.

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