Do you REALLY believe Ezekiel laid seige to a brick 390 days?

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  • moshe

    Well, Maybe Ezekiel only did this part at night, when he was sleeping- he would be lying down anyway. The Jewish day starts at sundown as you recall. It's figurative anyway, from the moden day Jewish perspective.

  • Terry

    With all of that said, however, I feel the need to point out that you really can't have it both ways, dear one: either God is a mean, hateful, heinous monster... or He doesn't exist... which you say you believe. Which makes your accusations even sillier.

    As always, peace to you!

    YOUR servant and a slave of Christ, the Son of the TRUE God, JAH of Armies,



    This is an interesting dysfunction!

    You are able two hold two contradictory thoughts inside your mind simultaneously and embrace them both with conviction.

    1.The Bible contains false information (Now, seriously, can you imagine my Lord sending an angry she bear out to maul some little kids who made fun of a bald guy? Or NOT showing mercy to someone simply because they sinned? C'mon...)

    2. Defend a screwloose story of Ezekiel lying on his side 490 enacting a seige scenario as not only TRUE but feasibly logical and divinely wise.

    Shelby, m'lady--living in California has done something to the climate in your prefrontal lobes.

    9 years on Jehovah's Witness Discussion boards assuming the persona of a time-traveler unstuck from the King James era would tire most people out. What fuels this hallucintory role-playing? Does the LORD visit you and keep you updated on what IS and what ISN'T true?

    Or, are you having us on?

    Hail to thee blithe spirit from planet Earth.

  • Terry

    Shelby--you have a PM.

  • tec

    Shelby, I appreciate you posting this, as you already know. I had suspected, but had doubts, about whether or not I could dismiss these things (bear mauling Elijah) as being false, or as something only men attested to God.

    I also look to Christ first, Terry, and have been saying as much. So that the things in the OT that are out of touch with the love and mercy and forgiveness of Christ (who is the reflection of His Father - who is the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow), must be false. Or perhaps we completely misunderstand the context of what was happening.

    I am not picking and choosing, as I think you and others will believe. I am reconciling everything ever written about God with what Christ showed and taught.


  • startingover

    No Tammy, picking and choosing is exactly what you are doing. You of course can pretend otherwise because after all you have to, to continue believing as you do.

  • tec

    I pick and choose Christ, Startingover, and everything that is in agreement with Him and His teachings. Because HE is the reflection of God. Not the Israelites or any religion today.

    As a Christian - one who follows Christ - why would I follow something that is in opposition to Him?


  • AGuest

    Dearest tec... the GREATEST of love and peace to you, my sister!

    WHOOO-HOOOO! YES!!! You have hit the proverbial nail on its proverbial head! Want to see God? SEE Christ! Want to HEAR God? HEAR Christ! Want to be listening to God? LISTEN... to Christ! You CANNOT see... hear... or listen to God by "searching" the scriptures. God is not IN the Bible... nor does that compilation of "many books" depict Him in full accuracy, not at ALL!

    My heart REJOICES that you have stated this! THANK you... and may JAH bless... you and your entire household... to time indefinite!

    By the way, it is not only totally acceptable to "pick and choose" what is truthful in the Bible and what is not, not only wise, but MANDATORY. Paul was the only one who said "All scripture is beneficial for...". Our Lord said look to HIM rather than "search the scriptures." THAT is the commandment we should obey. Also, Paul (?) did wisely write that "not ALL inspired expressions originate with God," so the TRULY wise person would look to the Copper Serpent, rather than the Law [as the scribes have set it forth).

    Again, peace to you!

    You servant, sister IN and fellow slave OF Christ,


  • snowbird
  • Terry

    Houston, we've got a problem.

    Matthew and Jesus go to great lengths to establish the Old Testament as authentic harbinger and precursor of Jesus as Christ.

    Why else quote from it? Why use it to validate?

    Historical figures and events are extracted for affirmation by Jesus and Matthew time and again. The writer of HEBREWS certainly makes a strong case that the Old Testament witness validates the reality of Jesus as a fulfillment.

    So, where does this leave you in high-5-ing Christ and pooh-poohing the Old Testament as poopy-cock (To quote Shelly Berman on Boston Legal.)

    An enormous CRACK in the foundation of the Old Testament has taken place in your heart and mind already TEC and AGUEST forcing you

    to rationally justifiably abandon the horror described as GOD in O.T. events and human dealings. But--in so doing--you demonstrate your superiority to the morality of such a GOD while simultaneously destroying the confidence demonstrated BY CHRIST in those very writings!

    How does Tammy or Shelby in any substantial way differ from the heretical teacher MARCION? (Whom you will recall was renounced by the Church. The same Church that gave us Christianity.)

    Marcion couldn't accept the Old Testament God and only embraced Christ as described in Paul's letters.

    I'm all ears, you two. (Me and Ross Perot.)

  • tec

    I don't know who Marcion is, but the Church didn't give us Christianity. Christ did, and it is Him that a Christian should be following. Not a Church ( or any of its 38 000 denominations)

    I also never said that I pooh-poohed the entire OT - which is something that you can't seem to reconcile, and I understand that. But you don't have to dismiss the whole thing. Even the OT, ITSELF, says that the 'lying pens of the scribes had distorted the words of God.' So how to trust what is true and what is not? By following Christ and his teachings, and understanding that He is showing us His Father, as His Father truly is.

    Shelby - thank you, and I'm glad I could bring you some joy today. You do the same for me.


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