Do you REALLY believe Ezekiel laid seige to a brick 390 days?

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  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    He probably just set the brick beside his bed and slept on his side looking at it as he fell asleep for 390 days. It doesn't actually say to lay down and do not get up or do anything else. It says he would be tied with ropes to hold him in place, sure, but it still doesn't say it's day and night without getting up at all.

  • ssn587

    ezekiel 68: 1-13 speaks of Ezekiel licking the rectum circles of the camels for 40 days and 40 nights. This like a lot of Bs in the so called Bible is strictly myth. How in the hell was Ezekiel suppose to defecate if he is all tied up, defecate on himself, piss on himself for 390 days then turn over in all the excretement and do it again for 40 days. Please. And please don't quote 2 timoty 3:16 to justify it. I mean just think of thebed sores he would have gotten, who would have been there to smell all the that to fed him and give him drink, I mean after all he was tied up you know.

  • ssn587

    Ya know on second thought, he could have made a brick shit city of Jerusalem and watched the flies lay siege to it for all the time he was tied up, you know crapping and adding to it every day would have made quite a model city of excretement after all of that itme. And his shitty Jerusalem would have been just like a lot of the myths in the bible. Bull crap but in this instance Ezekiel crap so to speak.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Im not getting into the did he or didnt he lay seige to a brick for x amount of days, but just to correct the human excrement part you've all got so excited about...

    If you read a bit further he says that that (using human shit as fuel) is too much for him and he didnt want to pollute himself like that, so God made the allowance of using cattle dung instead for fuel.

    Carry on as you were...


  • startingover

    Another great post Terry! Great story Donny, you really hit the nail on the head, they will find a way to believe it no matter how bizarre. Enter Tec...

  • new light
    new light

    I hope Zeke was naturally a side sleeper. Also, do you think he was allowed to roll over now and then to offset back pain, or was he in one position for the entire 13 months? I hope he at least was given a body pillow.

  • rocketman

    If this account is to be believed at all, it can't be taken literally. As Mad Sweeney pointed out, it would seem that Ezekiel would have to be free to move around at some times during each day. As other comments mentioned, acts such as using the potty would become problematic.

    The 'ropes' verse is troubling. It does seem to imply that the prophet would indeed be confined to this position. Maybe it should be taken literally after all - which makes it one very goofy account.

  • Mad Dawg
  • Mary

    Obviously Zeke was laying on his side to try and pass kidney stones. Either that or he was eating magic mushrooms on Patmos long before John.

  • blondie

    No potty breaks? I wondered this and figured that there had to be a in those contests where people have to touch some car for 7 days to win it.

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