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  • brotherdan

    One thing that I've learned from being a part of this group is that we all need to have respect for each others views and opinions. I have been guilty for condemning others for their viewpoints, and have been corrected by MANY on this site about it. I, for one, appreciate the diversity of views.

    Titus, that includes your views. I think we all can learn from each other. I truly feel that none of us have it EXACTLY right. So let's live and let live and learn from each others experiences.


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    cantleave, you think debator is worse than BANE?

    Frankly, none of the apologists are very good at arguing the Borg party line. Sadly, most of the folks here know more about the WT's official doctrine than the IN JW members.

    As for Titus, he isn't leaving. He's good people.

    Titus, bro, I think you pulled that 3% number out of the sky. If you listed all of the doctrine you disagree with and all of the doctrine that you agree with, I doubt you would come out with a list that is 97 to 3 in favor of the Borg.

  • UnDisfellowshipped

    Titus, my brother in Christ (yes, he believes in the Deity of Christ and he denies the 1914 doctrine and denies the Other Sheep doctrine!)

    I encourage you to PLEASE STAY and continue to have good discussions with us.

  • Titus

    Hi to all good people here!

    Don't worry, I will stay. I am too busy to write now, but I read every day.

    Thanks everybody for support!

    As I said Paulapollos on PM, I have long-term goals. I don't want to be DFed or DAed only. If it is really wrong, I will stay in as insider to get more people out.

    Some posters (Tonky, Cantleave....) also know that I prepare an offensive. I collect e-mail addresses of Jehovah's Witnesses in ex-YU. When I will have enough addresses, then I will start with e-tracts-campaign.

    That's why I want to have STRONG EVIDENCES against JWs, not only rumours. I am provocative sometimes, you remember how I treated LITS, OUTLAW and Lady Lee few weeks ago. I don't want to offend them, but to force them to find and give me some REAL and STRONG evidences which I could use in my action. I won't accept ANY-ANYthing.

    Again, thanks everybody.


  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    Titus, you surprise us every day...

    Cant wait what you will come up with tomorrow...


  • Titus

    BERT, I am consistent in my attitudes. You should not be surprised then.

    The TRUTH is what I look for. Nothing less and nothing more.

  • african GB Member
    african GB Member

    i think he should leave

  • Titus

    Yes, he will leave. Immediately.

    AGBM - look what people think about you:

  • african GB Member
    african GB Member

    I really could'nt care what anyone thinks of me,

    the fact is we are all in a state of cognitive dissonance here,

    and no one knows for sure if we are right or wrong!!!!

    as far as i know there are only 2 possibilities here,

    we(apostate) COULD be right or they(faithful JWs) could be right!!!!!

  • linp24

    Hey comrade.

    Glad you are staying.

    When I come to this forum, I hunt specifically for your postings above all others. ----- because they are always distinctive and tangy.

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