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  • Titus
    I was an elder and have been out for years and their teaching is getting further from the Bible every year.

    I have been out of Bosnia&Herzegovina for years - and believe me - that's why I don't know how people in B&H live today.

  • Titus

    Posters - please vote!

    Say simply - STAY or LEAVE!

    I promise - I will do what you decide!

  • pirata

    I don't think anyone was asking you to leave... STAY!

  • Woody22

    Titus I still have family in and I do know whats going on as I am trying to get them out of the cult.

    As far as who wants you to leave why not start a thread of its own.Woody

  • Titus

    Pirata - thank you 1000 times!!!! Not for voting, but you know for what!

    Thanks. And PM me if you need anything!

  • RosePetal

    What you should do is keep investigating keep searching do your homework. Pray to your heavenly father for his holy spirit to guide you. Thats what my hubby and I did. Stay here Titus because I am praying for you with all my heart. Just as I am praying for my family.

    Matt. 7 v 7 ' KEEP ON KNOCKING' It will be opened to you.

    Titus God has already started to open the door for you, you just have to step in my brother.


  • Titus

    What is going on, Woody? I am young, but believe me, I know how it works.

    I don't want to speak too much about my responsibilities in the Organization, but believe me, I know very well what is going on. Nothing terrible! You don't need to be worried about it.

    No, I don't want to make a drama with that voting. I am just curious.

  • Titus

    Thank you, Rose.

    I do that. I know it is not popular today, but I really pray for wisdom and holy spirit every day.

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    Nobody wants you to leave this place. I just wanted to understand your position.

    When you mentioned you are 21, it became more clear to me. I was also 21 and zealous (and sometimes naive) at a time...

    What do you think if somebody ruins his life for WTBS and its just yours "3% BS..." ?

    (I almost got in prison for WTBS teaching, that alternative service is violationg biblical principal on neutrality. This was till 31st December 1995. From 1st January 1996 alternative service was a fine thing to do. I got arested by police for this and almost ended up in prison. Many young JW in my country actually did end up in prison before 1996. Was it for Jehovah or for bunch of old farts in Governing Body?)

    BTW - Do you believe WTBS is the only aproved religion on Earth an how and when did it became? Do you believe GB is the only channel to serve God and Christ?


  • tec

    Wow. I thought you were much older than 21. Unbelievable.

    Anyway... STAY.


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