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  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    TITUS, you today made a statement regarding an essential WT doctrine:

    I am an active JW.

    Can I tell you what that doctrine is?


    Titus, please help me to understand your position on WTBS. I do not mean it bad, but you confuse me all the time...

    For this statement you would be DF by WTBS and thus sentenced to death in eyes of JHVH. At the same time you support WTBS... At the same time you are here on an apostate website, one moment saying you are an active JW, another moment mocking JW doctrines...

    Are you one or two persons?

    I really dont mean it bad, Iam just confused...


  • yknot

    In his absence.....(and defense)

    I will assert he is 'conscious class'

    He knows the whole premise is BS, but for now he is still 'in'.......

    (luvs ya Tito)

  • Essan

    Albert Einstein said: "For this statement you would be DF by WTBS and thus sentenced to death in eyes of JHVH"

    He would be DFd for that and supposedly sentenced to death by Jehovah in the eyes of the WTBTS.

    But, in reality, recognizing nonsense doctrine doesn't condemn anyone. I presume if he recognizes that the 'new light' doctrine is nonsense and wholly unscriptural, then he also recognizes as false the doctrine that he'd be be killed by God for disagreeing with the WTBS.

    Perhaps you meant that anyway, but I thought I'd point it out.

  • asilentone

    He is in the middle of the fence. He is a very young man. Give him some time to sort things out.

  • Titus

    If something doesn't make any sense (overlapping generations, other sheep) than it is bull$$hit for me.

    If something makes sense, then I accept that.

    97% of teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses actually DOES make sense to me.

    When you read this forum, you can get the impression that Jehovah's Witnesses teach ONLY overlapping generation and nothing else. But it is not true. In fact, only few percents of their (our) teaching and publications is regarding the propechies, stupid calculating of chronology and other B$s.

    Open any new magazine or any new book and you will see that there are many useful articles. I can learn how to imitate my God Jehovah and my Lord Christ better. These articles are about REAL LIFE, not about some fantasies (like it was in days of Fredie Franz). And that's what I appreciate from Jehovah's Witnesses.

    But I don't see what is their (our) point with that overlapping generation, 7000 yrs long creative day, unbaptized publishers, other sheep=earthly class, type, antitype, 4 greek words for love, and other nonsenses. I don't accept that in my heart.

    So - I see many good and positive in my religion, and I appreciate that. I also see some wrong and negative things.

    Sister Tonky said I am 'conscious class'. Thanks Tonky! () Yes, I am 'conscious class'.

    I am young (21) and I believe that I have enough time to reexamine my own beliefs. If nobody gives me something better, then I will remain in status quo. I don't think that 3% of B$s is worth to throw out everything else. But I think that I can say what I think about these 3%.

    Thank you Tonky!

    Thank you Bert!


  • Woody22

    3% in your mind is B.S. After 40 yrs in I find 97 % B.S.


  • Titus

    Because you look for it, maybe!

    I say - MAYBE.

  • RosePetal

    The point is Titus you can't say what you think about 3% or any other %. maybe undercover on here you can, but openly to fellow JWs in your kingdom hall you would be taken to the back room before I could say Jack Robinson. Try telling them what you think and tell them its B$s see what happens.


  • Woody22

    no maybe about it. I was an elder and have been out for years and their teaching is getting further from the Bible every year.

  • Titus

    RosePetal - I know that. It is nothing new for me. I understand you.

    So, what should I do now?

    OK - let's vote!


    Please, be honest, and say that. I will not be offended, don't worry.

    Say it!

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