Reform or dissolve Watchtower and questions?

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  • ruruj

    First of all, is there a way to keep this Topic available?

    Some would like to see authoritarian repressive Watchtower gone, others want reform among JWs now! ... "don't curse the darkness light a candle" - a Chinese proverb?

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Let's agree to disagree on many things, but lets have a common goal.
    The common goal is to bring the high and mighty Watchtower system to humility and justice.

    With God's permission, the Watchtower (controlling will either reform or dissolve. In either case the evil system that ignorantly victimize many will be gone.

    To start with, here is a reform movement website that you may choose to support also:

    Any ideas (tactic/strategy) to help reform and/or dissolve Watchtower peacefully? We are neither advocating violence nor persecutions. We're gathering righteous ideas before putting them into action. We'll see how nimble Watchtower reacts to challenge.

    Please share this thread with your peer, friends and family.

  • asilentone

    It is a very long shot to reform or dissolve the Watchtower Society.

  • leavingwt


    You're wasting your time.

    Get busy living or get busy dying!

  • ruruj

    This is impossible if I were left holding the bag alone. However, there have been many movements that have caused the Watchtower to silently change its policy and direction, some for good and unfortunately some for bad.

    Networking has worked before and it will work again if the proper tactics and strategy are applied.

    Tragedies, broken homes, mental issues, dashed hopes among many others will perpetuate as long as a authoritarian / repressive WTS policies & doctrine continue.

    WTS has done much to cover-up and adapt, unfortunately springing up more leaks.

    As far as I see now we need to organize and/or unite our efforts. It has to be a directed push even if it comes from an individual.

  • leavingwt

    Have you read Steve Hassan's 2nd book, "Releasing the Bonds"?

    If you step back and analyze the situation -- removing religion/faith from the entire picture -- you'll have an interesting picture of what's going on.

    People who are empowered to think for themselves will always choose Freedom over Slavery.

    Watchtower is a printing corporation, evolving to survive. It's not logical to assume they'll ever tell their people: Think for yourselves.

    So, no matter what "reform" takes place, you'll still have a central authority ordering people around.

    PS: I wish you success, however. I have great affection for many of the folks trapped inside. If you can make their lives better, this will be a win.

  • ruruj

    Precisely its even a waste of time continuously criticizing WTS and sharing the sad stories & experiences without being heard by others & future victims.

    I'm sure misery loves company, but there is prevention to this misery.

    For example,

    JWN could redesign the website or maybe another website could accomodate as repository or serving as warning bouy/beacon for all - JW, ex-JW and others. All your stories & experiences will be properly appreciated here - as lessons learned.

  • designs


    The Society's idea of Reform is to sell the real estate in Brooklyn and buy and build out in the country away from peering eyes.

    What else does a publishing empire do, they are not a philanthropic/humanitarian Foundation.

  • cantleave

    The WTS is not and never has been God's organisation. See Don Cameron's "Captives of Concept" if you feel it was /is.

  • TweetieBird

    For those still in the organization, reform on the surface probably looks like a good idea. That is what intrigued me at first. I ran across a website of JW's wanting reform. So if it helps JW's that are still in to start thinking for themselves it would be a good thing. Personally, I think it needs to be dissolved but that's just me.

  • designs


    When the Leadership thinks that they alone have the telephone line to god and the Rank and File as Fred called us don't not much will happen in the Reform Dept..

    I thought they were reasonable men at one time but after 20 years of writing to them and having my head handed to me for lunch it was time to wake up and move on. Now I get to do the things I was bugging them to do.

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