Whats the weirdest thing a JW ever said to you?

by chukky 594 60 Replies latest jw experiences

  • chukky 594
    chukky 594

    I remember a 'sister' coming up to me and telling me off for being on the Atkins diet, as it was satanic and designed by satan.


  • wobble

    This religion is the "Truth"

  • fokyc

    A brother told me this week,

    "Elders NEVER lie, if they did it wouldn't be the Truth"!!!!!!!

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    dunno about the weirdest... but i do know the cruelest...

    ex wife: "if i could magicaly click my fingers and change my kids DNA so they were never yours i would in heartbeat"


  • WTWizard

    After promising me that they would get me in with the opposite sex if I became a witless, they told me to just meet other men. Which is counterproductive to what they promised me. Then, they told me that eventually it would work--that would work about as well as driving 50 miles south would take you to a meeting 100 miles north, when you have just enough time and gas to make the 100 mile trip.

    And they wonder why the missed meetings and sharp cuts in field circus began shortly after.

  • FreeAtLast1914

    Dad: It's the truth. Period. There's no other way to look at it.

    Me: What about when they're wrong?

    Dad: They've never been wrong?


    Dad: Whatever they say is law!

    Me: What about the Bible?

    Dad: No, son. That's a slippery slope, reading that book alone. Jehovah uses them not us!

    Me: So were they the law when they celebrated Christmas, birthdays, voted, joined the military, prominently used the cross in their worship, believed in the rapture?

    Dad: It was what Jehovah wanted them to believe at the time.


    Nuff said...

  • blondie

    The only elders that don't lie are DEAD elders.

  • Essan

    A friend said this in front of myself and two uptight elders while on the ministry, breaking a long uncomfortable silence:

    "I have to do a talk about masturbation this week. [long pause] I'm reeeally glad I'm not working on 'gestures' [looks at elders for a moment then pumped his fist vigorously by way of explanation]

    One elder looked shocked, one struggled very hard not to laugh. I didn't bother struggling and PMSL. :)

  • peacedog

    "Sometimes being smart is a bad thing"

  • ldrnomo

    Just before I left, I had another elder (I was also an elder) tell me that perhaps I studied too much and that's why I had problems with the blood issue. He then told me that the brothers in Brooklyn were much more adept at study of the Bible and I should trust them instead of doing my own study.


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