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    Hi southern.

    I made no typos. My point was with Jesus, who tells us himelf who is the only true God, literally his father "You" not himself. The taking in knowledge/know references them both though and as witnesses we do need to know both Jehovah our God and his son Jesus who is between us and God indeed he is the "way" to Jehovah God but not Jehovah God himself.

    This scripture among others are very clear who Jesus and the apostles think is the Only true God and father. I accept you don't agree though and will leave it at that.

    Your wife has chosen a belief that many throughout the centuries have believed. We choose to live by strong biblically moral standards. This is our choice. If you fail with the mostly dis-information you gather off this site maybe you should rethink your tactics. It sounds like your wife is trying just as hard as you to keep it amicable and fair without giving up her choice to be a Jehovah's witness.

    I hope you both do well in the future.

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    Welcome !!!

  • cantleave

    Ignore debator - it's a complete ass!

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    Witnesses are indocrtinated to believe the WTS is always right...... you won't convince her via 'discussions'.

    It isn't an issue of intelligence rather one of an automatic trained response........

    Since you got them old books......put them to use! Other books and publications from Russell, Rutherford and Knorr are available online in PDF too.

    Tell her you don't understand.....from all that she says, and things you have read it seems like the WTS does a lot of 'whitewashing' of it's past while bashing other religions like the Catholics for similar things. She will scoff and you can ask her to help guide you through the older publications because it isn't enough for you to read in the 'bible teach' that 1914 / 1919 occurred you want to read it for yourself in the 1914-1919 publications.

    Your wife probably has no clue that we didn't start saying 1914 was the parousia until 1943..... so she will be in for a shock when you continue through the publications and 1874 is mentioned until 1943' The Truth Shall Make You Free'

  • southern.finesse

    @ debator

    Thanks for the response. My point is I have no problem understanding the Bible. If you have an issue with Jesus and His relationship to the Father there are many wonderful translations of the Bible available which you know about other than the NWT. I'm not here to debate with you or anyone else.

    If you believe Jesus Christ is actually Michael, who am I to judge you? You will have to give an account for that. Not S.Finesse. Did Paul send publications to help the early church understand his letters? Throughout what centuries are you referring to exactly, I’m a bit confused?

    Her being a JW is indeed her choice and as well, she has to give an account for her choice. As her husband, I will surrender an account for my household because man is the head. Did God blame Eve or Adam for the sin? I assume you are not married and a female. I will love her despite whatever decision she makes. You speak “tactics” but I speak unconditional love for my wife.

    In the courts, do the jurors only hear the plaintiff and not the defendant? That wouldn’t be a fair trial would it? An innocent person’s life could be taken away from them if the plaintiff only spoke. Isn’t it wise to examine both sides to determine the truth? My wife deserves to hear the other side so she can make a choice based on facts, history and truth. I’m sure you agree that’s fair right?

    Me and my wife will be just fine, I appreciate your posts and concerns about my marriage debator.

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    Welcome! It took me 8 years to help my wife once I realized the truth was a lie. I wish you the best in your endeavor.


  • southern.finesse

    @ yKnot

    My purpose for our discussions is not to convert her. I can only plant the seed and let Yahweh give the increase. She has to make the choice for herself. I'm actually glad to have a spiritual discussion with her. This is something we have never had since becoming married.

    Of course I will use the books LOL and PDF won't work with her. She won't read anything printed out which is why I brought all the books. Truth can never be hidden over covered up, it always comes out. I'll make sure i'll do more research into 1943 when those teachings began to be taught. Thank you for your sugguestions they have been of help.

  • skywho

    Welcome Southern.finesse! I really hope and wish the best for you two. I see that you have been comparing the NWT with other bibles. If you pull up as many bibles translations as you can to compare verses with the NWT that should really help open her eyes. That was the BIGGEST and BEST wake up call for me. There is a Book called Reasoning from the Scriptures with the Jehovah's witness. If she is going to use her's i don't see why you can't have one too, as long as you are nice about it. If she isn't, than you can kindly ask her if she wouldn't use her reasoning book. I truly wish you both all the best!

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    Welcome, and good luck!

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