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  • Mattieu

    Hi SF, Hello and Welcome! I hope it works out for you and your wife, sounds like an interesting way to handle the situation in presenting written arguments! If logic and reason prevail, she will see the truth about the truth!

    And a big shout out to you as well LI, welcome.

    Cheers, Mattieu

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Welcome to the forum.


    You don't have to 'win' every time, so don't only ask questions designed to embarrass them.

    When you do ask a good question, insist that they answer that question, not some other question that they have re-phrased from your question.

    Allways ask your question in a manner that makes them want to answer it.

    JW's seldom 'win' a debate on a controversial issue. They usually just change the subject.

    Try to only ask one (1) question per session. If they don't answer it properly, it was a very good question, so keep asking the same one until they answer it.

    "Prove it!" is a very useful tool. If anything doesn't seem quite right about anything they say, demand to see the evidence. If they find it, read the whole article, or book/whatever. If you have material that they trust, or have quoted from, that contradicts them, get them to read it to you.



  • debator

    Hi southern

    I thought I would Just clarify. As witnesses we believe Jesus is literally God's firstborn son. Michael, Logos, Lamb, Immanuel, Messiah, Christ are just alternate names and titles of which he has many.

    We do not believe Jesus is "God the son" an expression that never appears in the bible but we know him to be God's Son it is as simple as that. Our one true God Jehovah is his father. You seem more comfortable using modern hebrew best guess "Yahweh" for "Jehovah" the English version of YHWH. But you are happy to use "Jesus" the English version of Jesus instead of hebrew "Yeshua" or greek "iesous"?

    I would happily use any bible version while they mostly reflect trinitarian bible exegesis, You can show the truth from them. The problem is trinitarians are taught to believe oxymorons are normal so they can believe something is the opposite to what the bible says. Like believing a son can be his father. Or that 3 can be 1 or that dead doesn't mean dead etc.

    1 Corinthians 15:27
    For he "has put everything under his feet." Now when it says that "everything" has been put under him, it is clear that this does not include God himself, who put everything under Christ.

    This scripture reads more strongly in your bible translations than it does in NWT bible translation.

    Be aware the arguments from this site are mostly pointing at the imperfection of men, an easy target since we are indeed imperfect. I do not know which denomination you are but the shots from this site are pretty spread out and designed subtly not just to disconstruct witnesses faith but the bible itself and any religious faith in there broad coverage of topics.

    I posted only to clarify.

  • southern.finesse

    @ debator

    Thanks for the reply. I appreciate you taking time out to clarify your thoughts. Im on this board not to debate or to convince you/anyone of what they should believe. Really, if you firmly believe your org. is Yahweh's sole channel of communication on earth today, who am I to convince you other wise?

    I don't believe a son can be his father. Nor do I believe 3 = 1. However I do believe that 1 x 1 x 1= 1. Really my own personal beliefs or my denomination really is of no importance here. What is important is that I hear and examine what JWs and ExJWs have to say. Im glad you are here on this board because you present a different stance.

    Thanks for the warnings concerning this site. I see your faith is unwavering. Being a JW, can I ask, why exactly are you on this board?

  • jam

    one question for the Debator, since Jesus is between us and God and he is the way as you stated,

    who is your mediator,? We know the answer, this to show the new comer in your own words how you

    people are not too smart. For those that do not know, Jesus is not the mediator for JW,s..The 144000 is.

  • Chalam

    Welcome aboard southern.finesse and Little Imp :)



  • wasblind

    Oh hell!!!

    i hate to be the one to tell ya' but a lot of JW women go out of the faith, grab a man

    and then go back to being a JW expecting the husband to be in tow. now scince you

    mentioned that she used the reasoning book to school you with, let me tell you, that book

    alone has more flaws in it than a corn cobb has kernels. And it even contradicts their new light

    on the generation teaching and the blood policy, oh please don't get me started. But i guess you have.


  • wasblind

    Another thing, every thing they teach isn't Bible based, It's from opinion, let me give you an

    example. In the Reasoning book on page 71 it is stated that " Similarly, any food to which whole

    blood or even some blood fraction has been added should not be eaten."

    in the Aug 2006 awake on page 12 says: " the Bible does not comment on these. therefore

    each witness makes his own personal decision on such matters." Hell, the Bible didn't mention

    that when they first wrote this farse of a book, and look at how many people lost their lives!!!!!!

    that was based on thier opinion!!!!. They claim they don't use personal opinion , and that blood fraction mess sure didn't come from the Bible

  • wasblind

    Now see, i told you, i'm wound up now, turn to page 242 in the Reasoning book.

    on the top page it says if the householder ask "How do you know that some future

    generation won't fit the prophecy even better than this one.? In the answer it's saying

    that it's not gonna be another generation to see the end but the generation of 1914 will be the one.

    now at the DC they are saying the opposite. In the sept 15, 2010 Watchtower on page

    13 paragraph 8 they state that what they write is straight from Jehovah not man. Now we know

    Jehovah can't lie, so you tell me who the liar is. Tell me who lied to the generation of 1914.

    And why use the word prophecy in that canned question if it wasn't a prophecy. That didn't

    come true. FALSE PROPHETS

  • garyneal

    Welcome to the board from an old 'unbelieving' spouse of a JW who still believes in the Bible.

    I've had my wild ride in this whole mess so I wish you both the best.

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