What amount of Borg demise would you consider victory?

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  • brotherdan

    Hadit, we already had that and it worked, but not to the destruction of the borg. Ray Franz was one of the most honorable JWs in history. He stuck up for truth and exposed the disgusting wrong doing occuring in the organization. But it'll take more than that to see a total destruction of the borg.

  • Quandry

    What exactly would you consider a victory over Borg tyrrany?

    I would just like them to be up-front with their history, and flip-flops over the years. Let people make a truly informed choice before they are baptised....most (like me) never knew the real history of their teachings....things like pyramids, the pliades, etc.

    I feel that their organization attract a much smaller amount of people.

    Unfortunately, there are some who would still choose to join, but at least they would be fully informed.

  • Hadit

    Brother Dan: Ray Franz was awesome!! Unfortunately, JW's are banned from reading anything he has to say. What I meant was a GB member coming out at an assembly and telling people in person - an ultimate new light announcement. But . . . it is only a dream! Oh well, one at a time I guess.

  • brotherdan

    I love the idea though Hadit! Can you imagine? I wonder if someone would get up and walk him off the stage if he did that? What if he said, "Brothers, I am sorry to tell you that we have been misleading you for many many years. We have been guilty of the murders of thousands. We have blood on our hands and by your support of us, you too are blood guilty."

    What a dream, huh?!?

  • Hadit

    LOL! In reality they certainly would whisk him off the stage stating Satanic possession! They would certainly implicate us R&F for blood guilt like they do with everything else.

    But . . . in my dream - he keeps talking and everyone wakes up and the demise of the WTS makes headlines and people learn to love again.

    Oh - in my other dream I've just won 103.5 million dollars and am deciding on a red or midnight black Bugatti Veyron . . . maybe both

  • brotherdan

    I've been having the fantasy of getting in good with the congregation again and giving my first talk. What a talk it would be! It'd be talked about for years. Just like the smurf that came alive during the meeting.

    Has anyone started a smurf urban legend post? I remember hearing a ton of them when I was growing up. My son has a smurf now and watches smurf reruns all the time now. No demonic possetion yet... Maybe we should try to bring it to a meeting?

  • metatron

    The Fantasy: a torchlit mob armed with pitchforks surrounds the Governing Body and hangs them by their heels like Mussolini. All Watchtower buildings are leveled and the ground sown with salt. All literature and magazines are burned and nearly all the cultists shamefully deny they ever belonged.

    OK, so let's get real: No matter what changes are made or what is done away with, Jehovah's Witnesses will fanatically hold on to shunning with their cold dead fingers (apologies to Charleton Heston). This hateful practise that wrecks families is now vital to maintaining their fantasy of unmerited superiority over others. Keep in mind that even amidst the pain and torture and bleak daily agony of Nazi concentration camps, Jehovah's Witnesses managed to shun each other and make harsh judgements as to who 'wasn't in the truth'. Boo-yah for "true" Christianity.

    Blood transfusion? If you can frame a legal way that this could get them sued out of existence, I guarantee they'll change it. The most galling aspect of such a change will be manifest in endless posts about Witnesses claiming that "nothing has changed, it was always a matter of conscience".

    My central point about the Watchtower Society is this, what do they do if they realize that the whole organization doesn't make any money?

    It might be sufficient for some mass awakening to emerge that the organization is fading away, in growth, in cash flow and its lack of elders and young people. It's still possible............


  • OnTheWayOut
    the WTS is going to exist in some shape or form for the next hundred years and probably more

    I don't agree. Things change. It could be brought totally down by money woes and lawsuits. The remainder of the money leaving with the lawyers and accountants and their business buddies.

    I already have victory for myself. I would love love love to get my wife out and my mother. That would be like icing on my cake.

    But I really would like to see it self-destruct over scandals and lawsuits. Maybe what's happening in Spain and in the Spanish-speaking Americas will spread all over with closures and stuff, maybe the members will get upset that God isn't guiding the organization. Maybe some GB member will get onto the evening national news and admit it's all garbage (live via satellite from his Caribbean hideout).

    I would also love to see a steady decline in membership. I think that will happen.

  • cyberjesus
    How much cancer has to be gone before you consider victory?


    The Cult oriented dogmas is what makes them Jehovahs Witnesses, their need to be separate from the world, their stance on not talking to outsiders or defectors and their willingness to give their life for what they believe. If they were to lose those characteristics then they wouldnt be JWs anymore.

    Any new person who leaves the Borg I consider it a Victory. But unless not only the JWs but the mormons the moonies, muslims and any other cults dissapear the world wont be mentally free.

    The victory will be when all human beings are free from superstition and fear from the unknown. When we are ok with not knowing it all.

    When Religion reaches its end then Humanity will start to live its own life. But we are tooo early on that stage now. We need thousands of years for that to happen. And that is if we ever survive that long.

    the JWs wont go away while we are alive. We need to accept that fact so we dont fight a useless fight. We win everyday that a new person leaves a cult and a religion based solely on belief without any evidence. But oh well.

    I won my first war when I left. Second when I took my children out and 2 cousins. Its up to me of I want to keep fighting wars or walk away with my winnings or losses I have more family in than years left.

    Im just thinking out loud

  • leavingwt

    The WT organization is a fart in the wind, insignificant in the history of the world. I decided -- before DA'ing myself -- that my happiness would not be held hostage by what they may or may not do.

    Get busy living or get busy dying.

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