What amount of Borg demise would you consider victory?

by Mad Sweeney 30 Replies latest jw friends

  • BizzyBee

    1. Number of new members goes flatline
    2. Current membership numbers begins to steadily decrease 5 - 10% per year
    3. The Borg begins counter measures: either more crackdown or more leniency (hard to say which way they would jump)
    4. Counter measures are ineffective and accelerate the decimation - a solid 10% per year
    5. The Borg begins counter-counter measures: if they tried crackdown, then they try leniency, vice versa
    6. Total membership hits 80% of previous and picking up speed
    7. Borg in a panic - bunker-mentality sets in and crackdown is increasingly harsh
    8. Total membership hits 70% of previous
    9. Borg institutes loyalty oaths
    10. Loss of membership continues apace - they are at 50%
    11. Remaining members are the frail elderly and the marginal crazies
    12. Borg begins to liquidate assets
    13. GB members seek asylum from lawsuits
    14. Fifty years from now "Jehovah's Witnesses" is an answer on Jeopardy - no one gets it

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