David Splane in Pictures

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  • cedars


    No, but he's got a great comb-over.

    I always feel sorry for men with comb-overs - it's like they're living in a constant state of denial. Maybe his comb-over is symbolic of his state of mind towards his position in the organization??


  • Quarterback

    I knew David, and Linda when they served in our circuit.

    He didn't partake of the emblems, at 17. He married, and some time after that he received the Heavenly Calling.

    He is very intellegent, and I do appreciate him as a speaker.

    He stated at one of the Annual meetings, in a talk, " The members of the GB do not all agree has about everything, but it is in the spirit of love that they continue to uphold decisions" He has a great deal of loyalty to the arrangement, and I think he dyes his hair.

  • Finkelstein

    But the power position as a standing member of the top executive class of the Watchtower Publishing Corporation (GB) gave him some that male

    weakness back to his own personal identity. He reminds me of many dumb and pretentiously righteous JW men I used to know.

    Have any of you else noticed that it was the particularly folliclely challenged elders who were most likely the ones who checked upon hair length

    among all the men in the congregations ?

  • VM44
  • VM44

    There appears to be more photos of David Splane to be found online than of any other Governing Body member.

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    What a fanny.

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