David Splane in Pictures

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  • VM44
  • VM44
  • Nobleheart

    vm44, he seems to have aged in these later pics you added. I wonder if they're recent photos.

  • VM44

    I thought I posted this one the first page of this thread, but it is not showing up.

    Time to post it again then!

  • DavinciCodeBreaker

    Dave DID NOT partake at 17! He did not claim to be of the annointed until he was close to finishing his circuit work in Canada. (He was in his ate 40's or early 50's) Yes his wife Linda was crushed when he started to partake. I got to know him when he was our C.O. I always liked him as he was very down to earth and was an amazing speaker, you may not like his distorted message but at least he did note bore you to tears like most speakers.

  • PublishingCult

    Apparently, Splane has a thing for young gay filipino brothers :)

  • VM44
  • VM44
  • cedars

    He isn't camera shy, is he!

    Maybe we should publish a David Splane 2013 calendar, and use the proceeds to fund apostate campaigns? That would be hilarious!!


  • biometrics
    cantleave, he does not have gray hair!

    No, but he's got a great comb-over.

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