3 Things You Should Know About Islam

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  • Titus



    They went on Akhirah (Afterlife). On the "Yawm Qiyamah" (Day of Judgment) they will know where to go, Jannah (Paradise) or Jahannam (Hell).

  • freydo

    Which would be worse? The world ruled by Islam or jw's? Or the pope? Or Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid?

  • wobble

    I think we should be doing more to understand Islam as a religion and way of life, not promote blind bigotry and hatred as the above seems to be doing.

    Yes, there are tremendous problems in small areas where people like the Taliban hold sway, but there are huge problems just accross the water from me where Catholics and Protestants hold sway in different areas of Northern Ireland.

    I do not blanket condemn all Christians because a few fanatics amongst them commit atrocities.

    He who generalise, generally lies.

  • jaguarbass

    Islams bad.

    A world run by JW's would be much better.

    I've been out of the tower since 83, the main reason I left is because they were wrong about 75,

    when it comes to God being a little bit wrong is like being a little bit pregnant, it doesnt work.

    I doubt were going to be lucky enough to have a world run by JW's.

    But a world run by Moslems is a real threat and possibility.

  • NomadSoul
  • freydo

    I think we should be doing more to understand Islam as a religion

    That's a good idea. But like pedophiles and certain other creepy things, study it after it's been eradicated.

  • just n from bethel
    just n from bethel

    Wobble: I didn't reailize Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Iran, Pakistan, (and many more muslim ruled nations) constituted a small area.

  • wobble

    Islam covers a huge area of the earth, and has billions of adherents, are they all violent ? all treat their women badly etc ?

    I personally know a number of women who are Muslim, they love the life, and love their religion, that is because they are in the U.K , not living under the Taliban. Problems occur even here of course, honour killings and so on. I am not unaware of this.

    I still feel that the first few posts on this thread do nothing to add to peace and harmony in this world, we should be working for that, not to eradicate someone's religion or culture.

    Yes there is a need for change in Islam, an anachronistic religion, as are nearly all religions in the 21st Century, but that change should not be brought about by fomenting the attitudes shown above.

    You sound like Nazis condemning Jews and looking forward to your very own Holocaust against Islam.

  • freydo

    Wobble - can you think of anything good about muslimism?

  • designs

    What a premise: Convert or die, convert or be punished by God in the afterlife. Sound familiar.

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