3 Things You Should Know About Islam

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  • ZeusRocks
    but at least Christians are embarrassed by their violent history NOT proud of it.

    The majority of Muslims are not proud of the violence perpetrated by these extremists either. Islam, like Christianity it has different off shoots, and each off shoot has their own interpretation of their scriptures. Islam, Christianity and Judaism all have the same foundation as Abrahamic based religions. There are Muslims who take the good stuff from the Q'uran and try to live good lives and dismiss the violence contained within it, just like alot of Christians do today. But then you also have groups of fundamental and extreme muslims and christians who would just love to drag the world back to the dark ages and put everyone under barbaric laws.

    The issues are about humans' treatment of other humans.

    I love that statement. That's what it boils down to. I don't give a crap if someone believes their book is holy or from some god... the moment you let what is written in it dictate how you see and treat other human beings, you have lost your humanity, regardless of what religion you belong to.

  • Quillsky

    I said.....

    In fact, Christian cultures clashing with Islamic cultures could be a brilliant thing to happen to civilization right now.

    Palmtree, you said........

    This statement is frightening. If these cultures clash, it can only mean war.

    Not at all.

    The sound of cultures clashing include everyday debates like this one; or the French legal system grappling with the right to wear hijab; or letters from readers in the British tabloids showing that people are at least thinking about Islamic culture in new ways that they weren't 20 years ago; or kids in playgrounds around the world understanding and respecting which friend's sandwich is halaal and which isn't; or the challenges of intercultural marriages and child-rearing.....

    To use a quick parallel, consider how far black/white issues evolved in the last century in countries like the US and South Africa - different routes to peace and understanding, and ultimately cultural clashes helped to work things out without full-on war.

    For me the most beautiful thing about cultures clashing is when our our similarities finally become clear. It's happened many times before and it will happen again.

  • palmtree67
    To use a quick parallel, consider how far black/white issues evolved in the last century in countries like the US and South Africa - different routes to peace and understanding, and ultimately cultural clashes helped to work things out without full-on war.

    This is true because both sides agree to let the other have their own culture. There is a mutual "live and let live".

    The Islamic agenda for peace is that the whole world must convert or die. The apostacy laws are proof of this.

  • JWoods

    One thing not touched on yet, as far as I know, is the issue of how different branches of Islam show no compunction over bombing each other in their mosques or on the road to religious pilgrimages.

    I still say - this is demonstrably the most intolerant and violent major religion on earth. They are as full of hate and disdain for non-Islamics as JWs are for non-JWs.

    But, where the JWs seem to be content to wait on their war-god Jehovah to destroy everybody; the Islamic radicals are more practical: Take up guns, bombs, or whatever kind of weapon you can find and do the killing yourselves. Even to the point of religious suicide rites.

    While there are peaceful and moderate Islamics, they are obviously not able to control and dominate the radicals - the opposite is in fact the case.

  • Gregor

    Maybe someday I'll share my story of how I came to Islam if I could just get the time.

    Take your time.... I can wait

  • Mary
    Yes, there are tremendous problems in small areas where people like the Taliban hold sway.

    Sorry Wobble, I disagree. Since Islam is the largest religion in the world now (either that or it's neck in neck with Christianity--I'm not sure), it constitutes alot more than just "small areas". Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Iran, Pakistan, Southeast Asia, Yemen, Somalia---they still practice horrific abuses against women and these women have absolutely no Rights whatsoever. I think the picture on the cover of the Time magazine on page 1 says it all. Since their warped laws affect hundreds of millions of people, it is a huge problem and not just with the Taliban. Look at the latest horror over in Iran where they want to stone Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani to death for supposedly committing adultery, although there seems to be very little (if any) evidence that she actually did so. This is not just a few fringe terrorists who want to stone her to death. It's law there and it affects everyone who lives there. Ironically the Qu'ran says that adultery should be punishable 'only' by 100 lashes, not by stoning someone to death. That law comes courtesy of their really fucked-up Shari Law and that's what they go by.

    He who generalise, generally lies.

    We do it all the time on this board when talking about the WTS and Witnesses. I think we all realize that there are good people who are JW's but that doesn't change the fact that the religion is a mind-controlling cult that has ruined hundreds of thousands of lives over the years. Islam, both as a religion and culture is totally screwed as far as I'm concerned and they have ruined countless lives by their insane laws.

    I personally know a number of women who are Muslim, they love the life, and love their religion, that is because they are in the U.K , not living under the Taliban

    Exactly. Ironically, these people you know live in a land (that is still, as far as I know) considered "Christian". England guarantees them a measure of protection from their own religion and culture because they sure as hell don't get that in their own countries. How would you view Canada, or the USA or England if we had to move to a Muslim country in order to obtain a measure of freedom?

    I still feel that the first few posts on this thread do nothing to add to peace and harmony in this world, we should be working for that, not to eradicate someone's religion or culture.

    Sorry Wobble, but to a great extent, Islam does not "add peace and harmony" to the world either. Why should we have to bend over backwards catering to their bullshit stupid ideas? When is Islam going to get with the program and start living in the 21st century? Would you still feel the same if they rammed a couple of planes into Buckingham Palace or 10 Downing Street?

    You sound like Nazis condemning Jews and looking forward to your very own Holocaust against Islam.

    No we do not as I don't believe anyone on here (including myself) wishes to see over a billion people murdered simply for their nationality. On the other hand, your idealistic view of Islam reminds me of the head-in-the-sand mentality that Neville Chamberlain had when it came to dealing with the Third Reich. Despite warnings (most notably, from Winston Churchill) that Hitler and his goons were a bunch of liars who were not to be trusted (no matter how many documents they signed saying otherwise), the British Prime Minister apparently wanted to appear 'politically correct' and ignored all the warning signs of what was about to happen. There is no "peaceful solution" to a group of people who are not looking for peace. Do Muslims want peace? I'm thinking yes, alot of them do, but unless they're lucky enough to live in a country that guarantees them the freedom to speak out, they have no Rights to make any changes in Islam itself.

  • quietlyleaving
  • palmtree67


    Obviously that is the book I read.

    I'm not surprised a Muslim reviewer would disagree with what Ms. Brooks' experiences were.

    It is also not surprising to me that the reviewer attacked her taking up the Jewish faith.

  • quietlyleaving

    here is a controversial article that I am still digesting - but I was particulalry interested in the misunderstandings between what western feminists wanted for muslim women and what muslim women desired for themselves whilst they fight for their rights. This article inspired my comment on page 3 of this thread about keeping aware of those who are fighting for change from within in their own way.


  • quietlyleaving


    I also looked at other book reviews first, and found that they had problems with her book particularly the last chapters where you quoted from.

    Then I visited the open internet and found what the muslim reviewer said about the book to see if it matched what some of the scholars were saying and found it did except that he also provides excerpts from the Quran to back up his review.

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