Response to "Do you think the F&DS are directed by Holy Spirit"

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  • elderelite

    Just in, I totally agree... ( no suprise)... I find mosche lovable for his militant stand, but it is very reminiscent of what I am leaving... funny the way life works isn't it. It turns out the organization we belong may not make us what we are as much as give us permission to be what we seek. If we want to be militant and law oriented, we find that permission. If we want to be weak and lead around, we find that. leaving doesn't change who or what we are.

    I also laugh that someone who, at least from his avatar appears to be an aged gentleman, uses such obvious and childish "i dare you" type of arguments. I mean really.. as if some bitter old man was going to "dare" me to do something that I know is stupid and short sighted just because he said so.. for all of that there is a group of old men in Brooklyn I could follow... but silly taunting aside the fellow does have nice points, so its worth ignoring the foolishness.

    Had a nice talk with the wife BTW... maybe this weekend or next week we can talk a bit, if you have time.

  • moshe
    it helps JWs consider an option that might work for some

    That option is called, telling the truth and for those awakened JWs who don't want to do that ( for whatever personal reasons), they try and save face by calling that option, stupid. It seems rather odd that elders who have discovered the truth about the WT are still very willing to be a stooge for the WT and continue their unpaid job policing the JWs in the KH. Maybe they don't really want to be free from the control of men after all or perhaps they enjoy their power over the cowed JWs in the KH- it's just a game now, as they now know, that Jehoobah isn't watching their every move after all.

  • 10west

    pirita hit the nail on the head. the "annointed" as a group claim to have no special insight. that eliminates the potential that someone in a congregation could try to overide the GB. It is claimed ONLY that the slave, as represented by the GB have special insight. Here is the question that always bothered me...

    how could anyone who is "spirit directed" make a mistake in bible understanding...? why would a doctrine ever change? yes men are imperfect, but God's sprit is not. if he could inspire the bible to be recorded perfectly by imperfect men, if could protect its translation as the WT claims over thousands of years, why cant he prevent those clowns in brooklyn from making mistakes? dosent add up to me...


    Jesus losing power once, as written?

    Generationally, the Holy Spirit does not flow today, as it did in Jesus day. Why?

    Our genetic is insulated in an ongoing fashion, to a point where, as it is written:

    No flesh would be saved.

    This is more than just the destructive winds of the GTribulation, it is indicative of a pattern set in Noah's day, when too, if the days were not cut short?

    No flesh would be saved. Why?

    In human terms, Satan is reengineering our genetic, and unlike the 16 centuries, and much greater power and connectivity of Noah's day, this last cycle of over 4000 years, is showing the undeniable signs, of for the first time, a fully degenerated "species", spiritually.

    The technologies and sciences we are talking about, are of angelic orders, it cannot be fully explained to humans, it must be illustrated.

    We are buried many layers now, in slowly increasing disconnectivity, from the Holy Spirit. By special power, God is even communicating to this world, which Satan is burying in it's own flesh.\

    Hope that illustrates it simply, but effectively.

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