What's Your Biggest Issue In Life?

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    smooth way to btt mini..lol

    My biggest concern is for my babies and grandbabies.

    I wish that I had trained them to be activists, to take care of the environment, but most of all I wish I'd trained them to THINK.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    My biggest issue used to be that I wasn't doing enough for Jehovah and he would destroy me at Armageddon.

    Now I'm just worried about money and health. And not even really that "worried".

  • sherah

    Health, Cutting all JW ties, Finding love

  • exwhyzee

    Nobody has it made...I have 3 friends who are multi millionaires...they worry about losing it. Money makes it easier in many ways but only to a point. Once you have what you need...excess money has no bearing on ones contentment.

    I tend to worry about things I have no control over like....how things will be for my kids in the future.

    They say if you are worrying, it's because you are thinking too far into the future.

    If you're angry...it's because you are looking to closely into the past.

    The only place where the mind is most peaceful is in the present moment. Children do this naturally....but somwhere along the way, they are taught to worry about their futures. Especially Witness kids who grew up expecting a Cataclysmic event to strike at any moment and were taught to read universal significance into every world event or natural disaster.

  • Quentin

    Health, Cutting all JW ties, Finding love ..".sherah"...may it happen, especialy love, we are all entitled to love.

    Of course there's a patteren. The older we get the more we fret dwell on money, health.

  • JediMaster

    Health as well I think.. I suffer from chronic depression, and I'm in my mid20's. It really sucks. And of course by following the Society's advice about college I don't even come close to being able to pay for therapy and medication. And it all becomes harder with my trying to leave and family shunning.... aaggggghhhh all the drama.... I'm thinking about going back to college. I think that'll help with depression as it'll keep me busy. And I'll then have a realistic way (money) of dealing with it.

  • minimus

    Mine: To be a good poster.

  • Quentin

    You? You little button you....

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    What to cook for dinner tonight.

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