What's Your Pet Peeve?

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  • undercover
    My understanding is that the first one there goes right?

    But what if you need to go left?

  • serenitynow!

    "But what if you need to go left?"

  • mrsjones5

    That might be me. My understanding is that the first one there goes right?

    And if two cars come to a four way stop at the same time? The car to the right. If across from each other but one is turning left? The car that is going straight has the right of way.

    Sometimes I hate four way stops.

  • undercover

    That might be me. My understanding is that the first one there goes right correct?

    That's the correct understanding.

    And if two cars arrive at the same time, the car to the right has the right of way. (US drivers) But no one seems to get that concept either. People stare and wave at each other, "go ahead" "no, you go", "no no, I insist, you go" "thank you but no, you should go" It's like watching them two damn cartoon chipmunks...

    I told someone the "car to the right" rule and they asked "what if they're across from each other?" I wanted to say, 'give me your car keys, you dumb fuck and go take a taxi home right now.'

  • minimus

    this is funny

  • serenitynow!

    "It's like watching them two damn cartoon chipmunks..."

    Hey! Chip N Dale are awesome!

  • villabolo

    A peeved minimus says: Noisy eaters drive me crazy too. Can't stand listening to someone chewing their food!!!

    Sorry, but I chew my food loudly. I just can't help it. And no, my mouth is not open. By the way, I love to eat cartilage and scrape the remnants of meat off of bones.

    And says again, I HATE LOUD PEOPLE!

    I talk loud, for a small guy. Must be my Cuban heritage.

    Pandoras cad meowed: People talking loudly on their cell phones in the store!!

    Who cares about the store. I've almost popped an artery when some Middle Eastern bozo did that in a bookstore where people were browsing.

    Then there was a humorous version of a loud talker on a cell phone which I actually found entertaining. I was at a drug testing center as a requirement for employment. Those who were waiting for their urine test were right in front of the attendants office with a glassless window space.

    This guy was talking so loudly on his cell phone, that a woman had to tell her bemused children, who were listening to his conversation, to mind their own business.

    You see the man was talking to his phone friend about all the drugs he had been taking recently. I still remember an incident that he mentioned where he was at a rich persons house and someone who was high knocked over a precious clay item. He was impressed with the fact that the homeowner did not get angry and handled it in stride. He also mentioned how badly he needed this job (something to do with the Hollywood industry).

    When I was done with my urine test, and was washing up, Mr. Loud Mouth was getting the results of his. He was told that his tests were borderline and that an extra procedure had to be done. Mr. Discrete was engaging the attendants in a conversation in which he kept using the word PISS. The attendants kept correcting him saying that that the proper word was urine. He kept slipping, though, and continued to use the word piss.

    As he was whining about how badly he needed the job I approached him and the attendants. I told him U*R*I*N*E as in "YOU'RE IN trouble."

    keyser soze: People who block the aisle in a grocery store, with no awareness of their surroundings.

    Please take pity on me, I'm absent minded.


  • minimus

    Villa, you need to get with it!

  • coffee_black

    Thought of another one... No one in Massachusetts knows how to merge onto a highway. They either stop, or don't even look at the traffic they are merging with. If you happen to already occupy the space they are entering, they give you the dirtiest looks...


  • mrsjones5

    I've seen some folks stop and go immediately at a four way stop. No regard for who's turn it was. And I've seen some near misses because of it (including almost hitting me). I often fantasize that the idiots will someday be in an accident because of their stupidity, I just hope I won't be there.

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