What's Your Pet Peeve?

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  • crapola

    Spitting is at the top. then moaning people, people who run red lights, Ones that stop in the middle of the aisle to visit, can't they move to a better place to catch up on the latest gossip! There's more but I have to go to work.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze
    people who ride their bikes on the sidewalk - it's illegal but it doesn't seem to stop thep

    Not to mention people who don't obey the rules of the road when they're on their bikes.

    Just a couple of days ago I was turning onto a street, and there was a bicyclist coming from another direction. I didn't have a stop sign, and he did, so I assumed it was safe for me to go. But the bicyclist just blew right through the stop sign. I had to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting him.

  • undercover
    Harley riders with open pipes and a sense of style that only includes black leather, garish patches, and doo-rags, especially when they're not Hell's Angels or Mongols or Bandidos in real life but some punk ass accountant or janitor or whatever.

    You mainly mean RUBs... Rich Urban Bikers They copy the HA look but are actually law-abiding doctors, lawyers and other white collar types. I've actually seen a decline in the RUB craze over the last couple of years. They've gone back to exotic cars.

    Some of the things you mention though are, in themselves, acceptable. It's the combination in how some people try to use them that rankles.

    I don't have open pipes, they have baffles, but they're louder than stock. I want to be heard becuase too many people don't look. I'd rather hear a v-twin opened up instead of the crotch rockets that sound like a hive of bees amplilfied 100 times... There are some of those guys who open their pipes up as well.

    I wear leather...or...armored textile, depending on the weather. Hot and humid, I prefer no jacket but I try to make myself wear one anyway so that's when I opt for the textile with vents. I wear leather (yes, black) in cooler weather. It's got a zip out liner that makes it pretty comfy on lower temps.

    I wear a half-helmet in warmer weather; full in colder/wet weather. When I wear the half helmet, I wear a doorag cause it helps the helmet fit better. Can't explain it... it just does. But when the helmet comes off, the rag comes off. I hate wearing it just to be wearing it. Looks too red-necky by itself.

    I don't ride a Harley, though I have no reservations against the bikes themselves. There are a couple models I would like to have, but I'm not paying for HD when I can ride metric for a good bit less and have cheaper maintenance/parts costs in the long run. I am not influenced by the HD label just to say, "I ride a Harley". Big deal.

    I'm irked as well when I see guys copying a style, instead of having a reason for wearing what they wear. They buy into a lifestyle by going to an HD dealer. They can buy the bike, the clothes, the look, the attitude... all in one stop shopping.


    Technology that is "sooo cool" but doesn't really do anything different and doesn't always work. Technology companies please test it to death before you release it to us. I'd rather drive a car with 5 year old technology that works 100%. And make it simple - I don't want to read through a manual for an hour to work something.

    People who steal. Someone just got marched out of our work for stealing people's homemade sandwiches from the fridge - they were on a six figure salary (sterling) - why do it??!!


  • snowbird

    Just people - period.

    Myself included.


  • minimus

    I don't like it when you're engaged in "conversation" and the other person constantly interrupts or talks over you and simply wants to say something without allowing for an exchange!

  • sooner7nc

    I'd rather hear a v-twin opened up instead of the crotch rockets that sound like a hive of bees amplilfied 100 times... The only V-Twin I want to hear opened up is in a Ducati or a Moto Guzzi. I find 4 cylinder sportbike motors to be soothing. I could listen to them all day. :)

  • Mythbuster

    squids on gixxers.

  • sooner7nc

    When people call GSXR's gixxers. It obviuously should be pronounced gisixerrs.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    getting asked about my pet peeves

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