Have your JW Relatives Explained about Generation/Overlap Change to You ?

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  • flipper

    Interesting replies all ! Keep them coming. Trying to see how to approach the subject with my own JW family ! Give me some ideas ! Need input.

    UNDISFELLOWSHIPPED- I'm glad to hear your parents are shocked by the new " generation overlap " theory. Maybe it will make them think .

    Your statement : " My parents cannot understand how ONE generation turned into TWO groups which overlap and can span 200 years." Tell your parents they aren't alone- no one ELSE can understand it either !

    SNAPDRAGON 4- JW relatives MAY become upset- but sometimes it's just the manner in which we ask them. Asking them to explain how they would explain it to someone in field service is a good idea . Interestingly enough- people at the door were never aware of all the " generation " changes before- so it would be fresh new information to them !

    STREETS 76- You SHOULD E-mail your older elder brother and ask him about the " generation " change. It probably went over your mother's head if she didn't say anything about it. I saw a You-tube of witnesses watching the talk on it at an assembly- they all looked like they were brain dead, or sleeping with lobotomies performed on them. Sad.

    EMPTYINSIDE- I think so many are like your JW family- in denial that a change on the view of " generation " has even occured ! Are these people sleeping during assemblies and meetings ? Of course, many times- the answer is yes, indeed ! So I feel it's up to US EX-witnesses to educate them about their own PRESENT beliefs right now ! Sounds incredible-but true. Good job on your part Emptyinside ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • skeeter1

    Ok, so I got the chance to discuss it with a JW relative who's been inside the Truth since the 1940's! It went something like this...(I was pretty nervous).

    me: "What do you think of the new Generation understandng? Can you explain it to me?

    JW: "No, huh?"

    me: "It was at the district convention, didn't you just go?"

    JW: "No, that was about drawing closer to Jehovah."

    me: "They talked about this new Generation teaching there, and in the April 2010 Watchtower. Something about the generation's would overlap."

    JW: "Oh, that. No big deal, they talked about overlapping for some time now."

    me: "Isn't this that the Generation of 1914 would overlap with a current generation and the current generation would see the End? So, now you can't say that it will happen shortly, it could be a hundred years from now."

    JW: Silence

    Me: "I remember that the Generation was solely those who lived in 1914 would see the End of the World and the Great Tribulation. Am I mistaken?"

    JW: "They changed that to the Wicked Generation."

    me: "Wicked generation? I thought the Generation was of the Annointed, and those who saw 1914 were a very special generation and select people from them would become the Annoited."

    JW: (just looking down)

    me: "The Annoited, you know, the people who drink the wine at the Memorial and will rule with Christ in Heaven? They used to have to be born before, like 1936, I think, and now they can be born after that date."

    JW: Oh yeah, they changed that a few years back. There aren't that many people who were born before 1936 alive.

    me: Do you think it's becuase all the Governing Body elders have to be of the annointed class, and the Governing Body elders are dying off? One just died a few months ago, the President I think. So, to replace the Governing Body....they have to open it up to younger people."

    JW: The Memorial used to have so few partakers, but that is up.

    me: Wow, the annointed class is really filling in!

    me: So, is there any Biblical basis for the overlapping generation?

    ...pause, pause, pause...

    JW: So, I don't want to talk about this. It isn't uplifting.

    me: That's a standard response.

    ..........a little while later............

    I whipped out the chart from Freeminds on just the changes in the Generation teachings. It ONLY had WTS quotes. I tried to go over at, as he was pushing some JW stuff on me. He wouldn't let me talk about it. Wouldn't touch the paper. I replied, "It ONLY has JW quotes on it as written by the WTS."


    Stay tuned.

  • skeeter1

    So, even better than that...

    We were talking about when the End would come. I was saying that I thought most JWs think it's within 5 years. He said, "No, I'd NEVER say that! Jesus said we could never predict when the End would come."

    About an hour later, he goes in to read the Bible. He tells me the story of Jesus on the Donkey and how Jesus will rule the world in peace..... Then he emphatically declares that, "YOU WILL SEE THIS COME TO BE IN YOUR LIFE."

    So much for not predicting!

  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan

    Mr. Flipper,

    Getting back to you about a week late (how rude of me), re:Mr & Mrs Smith movie. The main charachters (Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie) are assasins. They are married and discover that they both are hired by competing agencies to kill each other. And then the usual Hollywood bull....

    I thought it tied with Mad Sweeny's comment about families stayning in the borg for each other, while really wanting to be out and if they can talk openly they'd leave the cancer...


  • flipper

    SKEETER- So you discussed the Genertion Overlap with an older JW member ? Man, it sounded like he was really uncomfortable discussing it by the time it ended. It's so hard forthese ones who have given their whole life to the cult to admit defeat for the WT society's false predictions. Thus the man told you " you'll see ! It will happen in your lifetime ! " I really feel sorry for these long time members.

    YAN BIBIYAN- Oh I see ! I get the drift of what you were saying about the Smith movie now ! LOL ! Thanks for explaining

  • cantleave

    My brother just told to "trust the FD&S implicity, since they are being used by Jehovah."

    Can't see him ever waking up.

  • Heaven

    Well, my Father really doesn't understand what they're saying at the meetings anymore and I don't ask. He doesn't even know how many books are in the Bible. Getting old sucks if you're a JW.

  • little witch
    little witch

    I think their minds just shut down after a few years. The boredom and repetition, the tower is always right, I love the tower....snooooooze.....

    Cruise control. Especially older people. They have become set in their ways and have too much to lose.

  • wannaexit

    conversation with JW.

    Me: How did you understand the new generation teaching at the convention?

    Her: I understood it the way you did.

    Me: and how do you think I understood it.

    Her: The way you wrote in your notes.

    Me: So what did you get out of that

    Her: The same that everyone else got out of it.

    I kid you not this was an actual conversation with some one at my home. LOL

  • flipper

    CANTLEAVE- It sounds like your brother is as mind controlled as my older brother is. Isn't it amazing how they just turn off their brains and accept this overlap generation thing as reasonable ? They trust the GB to do their thinking for them . It's really mental laziness.

    HEAVEN- I hear you. My JW dad is 85 and mom is 83 now. I won't bring this subject up to them - as they have 60 years invested in the cult. I feel that within themselves they're depressed enough that Armageddon never came. Don't want to add to their burden. My dad told me " Growing old cetainly isn't for cowards. Gotta face it. " They are coping now with their own mortality.

    LITTLE WITCH- Good to see you. I agree. The older ones have so much to lose by facing the reality of unfulfilled expectations. I'm sure it eats them up inside.

    WANNAEXIT- Wow. It sounds like you had a conversation with a witness who didn't WANT to divulge exactly HOW they felt about the generation change ! LOL ! Perhaps they were being evasive because they didn't want to give you any ammunition to shoot them down in their argument. So they just stayed non-committal in their response. At least you tried. I'm going to talk to some of my relatives about it soon- perhaps this weekend

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