Have your JW Relatives Explained about Generation/Overlap Change to You ?

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  • villabolo

    Mary said:

    She also made another comment to me. She made mention that some bro was up there warning them not to 'think anything negative about the F&DS' or something to that effect. It really irked her and she said to me after that "it felt like they're trying to control your thinking".

    I remember hearing (later on it came out in an Ex-JW book), at a circuit assembly, the speaker say that Sisters should not show, even by their facial expressions, any disapproval.

    That was over thirty years ago. The more things change the more they stay the same.


  • flipper

    VILLABOLO- Pretty funny stuff. LOL ! I bet we could make lots of one liners regarding this crazy " generation overlap " theory. And that comment you heard 30 yrs.ago about sisters not showing dissapproval by their " facial expressions " ? Wow. Talk about the WT society being controlling and patriarchal- Jesus. The WT society was & is still so controlling. You're right- some things never change- just get worse

  • seawolf

    no idea since they haven't talked about it. I know I'm not going to bring it up since I'm afraid my head will explode like a pumpkin blown up with a stick of dynamite.

  • BluesBrother

    I have asked what they think of the new explanation ??

    The response is that they admit that it "makes no sense". So, they carry on believing what they always believed . I guess they pick one of the previous explanations that they like the best. They say that it is no big deal.......

    I guess that the older ones get to a point where they have their own entrenched views, in practice their own religion. If these new boys now operating in the Governing Body want to say something, they can - but individuals do not always believe everything. They just carry on the religion of their youth and patiently "wait on Jehovah"

  • flipper

    SEAWOLF- I hear you. My JW family hasn't brought the " generation " thing up yet either. I'm still waiting for a right time to bring it up to some of my " not so fanatic " witness family. My head may explode too when talking about it ! LOL !

    BLUES BROTHER- I feel you are right for sure. MANY of the JW's don't understand the new generation teaching- or like you stated - just don't care. They will pick one of the OLDER " generation " teaching versions to hang their hats on and stick with that. It's uncanny how cult mind control works on these people. Even IF the new GB members say something different

  • UnDisfellowshipped

    My JW parents are kind of shocked about this change. They were even more shocked about the 1995 change, and they refused to believe the 1995 change for about 5 years, then finally half-accepted it and just went on.

    My parents cannot understand how ONE generation turned into TWO groups which overlap and can span 200 years.

  • snapdragon4

    The problem with asking your JW relatives to explain the "generation" change TO YOU is that they see the agenda, probably refuse and it may become confrontational.

    Next time they mention to you they have been out in field service, how about asking how they would explain the change to an interested householder! You're off the hook, and it's difficult to accuse a householder of apostasy!

  • streets76

    Spoke to my mom yesterday on the phone. Asked her how the convention went. She said they released a new brochure and a DVD blah blah. She never mentioned the generation change. Probably over her head. She's just there to socialize.

    I'm tempted to email my Elder older brother. "Hey bro, what's this about overlapping generations I keep reading about on the internets?"

  • EmptyInside

    I talked with the ones still-in about it. I just pretend to not understand it and have them explain it to me. They don't believe it's anything new. Some are sticking to the 2008 definition. I have a brother who just feels the end won't come in his lifetime. And my brother who is an elder isn't even trying to understand it, but he knows we have the "truth". And my mother was confused about it, but now I explained it to her. I did this hoping she would see how ridiculous it sounds. But, she responded by saying,"Now, I understand, it's clear to me now." So it backfired on me.

    I haven't brought it up since though. I give up for now.

  • EmptyInside

    And I forgot to add, my mother didn't realize it was changed to the wicked in 1995. But, she has lots of old volumes in her cupboard. So, I got it out and showed it to her.

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