The 13 Illuminati Satanic Bloodlines

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    I'm probably late on this, but Alice, do you ever write anything that comes from your own heart, mind, and speech? I get the feeling its impossible to talk with you because the reality is I'm talking with somone who cuts and pastes everything. People ask you a question, and you cut and paste something from Wikipedia. Or you cut and paste from the WT CD Rom. Can you answer anything or state anything in your own words? Are you human? You kind of remind me of serial killers who paste different letters from different formats onto a blank sheet of paper and mail it to the police to taunt them.

  • donny

    "Any comments on this here?

    While I'll state that Russell was a bit eccentric and somewhat loony, I don't believe he was part of any Satanic conspiracy or plot. He was just one of many from the 19th century who thought God was correcting wayward Christianity through him and his group.


  • agonus

    I also totally agree that "apostates" and 'conspiracy theorists", while interesting, are completely unnecessary to undermine the "correctness" or authority of the WT. Their own material is, ironically, far and away the most damning evidence against them being "the truth", 'God's channel', or, hell, even coherent or reasonable for that matter.


    The WT Society performs a secret ritual every year which is their primary ritual.

    This ritual is actually the ancient gnostic (satanic) ritual of saying no to the body of Christ.

    This ancient satanic ritual is now secretly practiced under the disguise of the Memorial Supper -

    where the elements of communion are passed and no one partakes of the elements.

    (When I say ‘no one’ I mean that in a qualified sense-only a small group are allowed to partake.

    The actual figures of how many partake of the elements is a totally fictitious figure according to my sources,

    which is created at Bethel headquarters in Brooklyn.....AIW


    The very act of you bringing this to the table..Discredits you to the Max..

    The WBT$ is run by Idiots.....Not Satanists..

    .................. ...OUTLAW

  • TD
    Any comments on this here?

    It's internet garbage


    "It's internet garbage"

    Yes it is. None-the-less, this is the first conceptual I read (back in 2001) that was diametrically opposed to the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses and carried some religious sacrament in the assessment.

  • Mythbuster

    Mythbuster, you attribute a fictional theater to the God of the Bible. Do you attach the same mythology to anyone who accepts this book as possibly the inspired word of God?.

  • Mythbuster


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    Comment to topic:

    Comment to poster Rachel: Why don't you talk about "true theocratic" things like today's WTstudy, next weeks CBS,TMS or SM? Tell us what PT was selected and your thoughts and appreciation of points brought out by the Brother. your hubby a MS/Elder, reaching out or worldly....what are his thoughts on today's study?

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