If you were in the Governing Body, how would YOU change the generation prophecy?

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  • jgnat

    I'd admit the original error and apologize for leading the congregation down the garden path for 150 years. The World Wide Church of God did, at great cost. That takes guts. I doubt the GB has the courage to do the same.

  • The Finger
    The Finger

    I would gradually jettison the "composite sign" and teach that it is the generation that sees the sign in Matthew 24: 30.

  • OnTheWayOut
    guuuyyysss! you arn't playing right!

    Alright. I will "play right." If I was part of the leadership of the dangerous mind-control cult and my primary interest was to keep the mind-control and money flowing, then I would do the following:

    I would push for them to say that the "generation" Jesus spoke of was just referring to the Jews in the first century. It has nothing to do with us today. It was quite literal. The time we live in is not like the time before the destruction of Jerusalem, it is like the time before the destruction of the entire population of earth- the flood. There's only one ark that's been built up since 1914 when the King in heaven turned his attention to the earth- the Watchtower organization. We have every reason to believe our time parallels that time. Only a few will survive and only by staying in the ark can they do so. God limited the years of mankind to 120 years back then and we are confident that he will do so now. So 2034, here we come.

    I would transfer millions of dollars to secret accounts now and prepare for it all to fall apart in 2035.

  • designs

    The whole of Christianity is slowing moving towards Universalism, what other choice presents itself if they want to 'beleive' in something greater. The Society is maybe 50 years away from any meaningful change to their End Times beliefs and the they will have to catch up with the herd.

    Strange how close Witnesses and Fundamentalists are, bringing up the rear in any intellectual and philosophical discussion about the direction of humanity.

  • NotBlind

    I would adopt Bert Schroeder's proposal that THIS GENERATION began in 1957 with the launch of the Russian Sputnik satellite - i.e. heavenly signs & celestial phenomena. That should buy them an extra 43 years.

    It's no sillier than the current teaching.

  • designs

    I think the Society should adopt the Fundamentalists view that Russia will send a literal horse-mounted Calvary into the Valley of Megiddo. CHARGE!!!

    That should get the Rank and File excited for another 20 years.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    new light flash! We now realize evidently, that the generation spoken of in Matthew was invisible and has been present in the pleiades system since 1874. We recently received a message spirit directed of course that that/this generation is about to invade our planet and turn it into a paradise diner for their own pleasure.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Admit that Rutherford pulled a scam when he took control of the WT Society and published a bogus Volume 7 of Studies of the Scriptures. Admit that Fred Franz was the ghost writer for most of Rutherfords books and those published between 1942 and 1970 - and that he was not a "Rhodes Scholar." Admit that the blood-transfusion doctrine was started by Clayton Woodward, fine-tuned by Franz, and then used by Rutherford to "set the Witnesses apart from all other religions" and to create controversy.

    Tell everyone that Russell had it right. Start reprinting the oldest Russell Watchtowers. Contact the Millenial Dawn, Russellites, and Bible Student groups and propose a merger. Clean the slate so that everything looks and works like it did during Russells best years.

    Then they could update all of his old books and sell them all over again. After all, they are all public domain, even the ones that the WT did not print for one reason or the other.

    Here's the kicker! Update "Photodrama of Creation." Do it in widescreen 3-D! Have an actor like Ian McClellan, Anthony Hopkins, or maybe even Russell Crowe - play the part of old C.T. himself. Have professionals like Will Lyman (Frontline) or Liev Schreiber (HBO Documentaries) narrate the voice over.

    Most importantly, return to Russell's concept of local groups of active Bible Students, using their time together to actually study the Bible, not go to Kingdom Halls and sit through the rereading of boring magazine articles.

    Just wipe the slate clean and start over from where the WT was 100 years ago. Then do it right and be honest about how the truth of the Bible is discovered.

  • kurtbethel

    "We were wrong. We have no clue what a generation means. We have been winging it and stringing you along as long as we could get away with it. Not any more. Go home now. And stay away from cults!"

  • Titus

    You think it is funny, but Gerrit Loesch actually said something like that!

    He apologized and said that "there were some individuals who believed that the end will come in 1975 or shortly after that" and than he added: "It was more than their personal wrong expectation! Because even GB members and editors of the WT magazine believed that, and put that in the magazine." "Many witnesses were dissapointed when nothing happend in 1975", he said. "GB members dissapointed even themselves."

    I believe you can even hear that, it was recorded. Austria, IC 2009.

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