Halloween stuff already out in stores!

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  • cameo-d

    Just for the record, today is July 17. Two days ago I was in a store and they already have tons of new Halloween costumes and all kind of witchy paraphenelia out on the shelves.

    Why are they pushing this stuff so early?

    Are you seeing Halloween stuff displayed right now in your area? What do you make of it?

  • cantleave

    Good! We are doing Halloween big style this year.

  • mrsjones5

    It all about the money honey.

  • asilentone

    it might help the economy!

  • cameo-d

    Wasn't there a WT BigWig that died on Halloween? That is supposed to be an Illuminati Ritual Day. Do you they they "offed" the Fearless Leadder?


    Yeah...they know they've really pushed Xmas shopping about as early as they can so they want to make Halloween bigger and better like a major money spending holiday. Like Mrs. Jones said...it's all about the money.

  • GLTirebiter

    Did I take a nap and miss all the back-to-school sales?

    Yes, the schedule is being pushed way, way early on the holiday shopping. Three months of Halloween candy displays, kiss the diet goodbye!

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Halloween is big time at my house........complete with decorations, lights, fog machine & creepy music that would rival a paid haunted house. For little kids to get a full sized candy bar they have to go past a gauntlet of live monsters to the door. Numerous kids have run the other way crying. Too bad.....no full sized candy bar for them. (LOL) It's fast becoming an area attraction. I'm working on making my monster about 8 ft tall with a massive wingspan this year.

    Think About It

  • wasblind

    If the JW"S come 'round my house on holloween

    i'm gonna give them holloween candy, if they

    don't take it i'm gonna tell them, then i ain't takin'

    nothin' from you.

  • ziddina

    Gooodey!!! Halloween's my FAVORITE holiday!!

    I've found Xmas to be such a drag, I've almost - ALmost - considered becoming a JW again just to avoid celebrating it...

    I"M the one who has to do all the cards/shopping/decorating/trimmingthetree/climbupontheroofandputupthelights...

    The HECK with Xmas!! I'd rather dress up as a dragon and scare little kids!!

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