Halloween stuff already out in stores!

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  • cameo-d

    I guess apostate JWs will be the only ones keeping those candy factories in business.

    I think the rest of us are burned out on it after so many years.

    I am beginning to think that maybe JWs were held back from holidays just so that they would create a new market for mfgs. when things started getting slack.

    Really, though, what I don't understand is that with the economy so bad, why people would spend what little they have on foolishness.

  • wannabefree
    Wasn't there a WT BigWig that died on Halloween?

    C. T. Russell - October 31, 1916

  • ziddina

    But, Cameo-d, Halloween isn't NEARLY as expensive as Christmas...

    With Halloween, it's the cost of a few bags of candy... Maybe $40 - $50 bucks... (Keeping in mind that I MAKE my own costumes, so I don't have an expense there...) But let's say you want a costume, too... Go down to your local thrift store and whip something together...

    By the way, thrift-stores increase THEIR prices just before Halloween, too...

    On the other hand, Christmas can cost hundreds of dollars. We regularly spend around $100 per person - that's when we haven't put Christmas on hold due to the economy - and that's just for 5 people...

    Imagine what we'd spend if we had kids and grandkids and nieces and nephews and godchildren and so on...

    Which brings up another reason "Da Judge" Rutherford probably wanted to keep his followers from celebrating Christmas - that was an outlay of money - and time and effort - that could have been used in "his" Watchtower Society...

  • WTWizard

    The sooner they bring the stuff out, the sooner people have the opportunity to get more. While I do not recommend buying costumes for growing children until around late September at the earilest (because they might outgrow it), other decorations are not out of the question. In fact, now might be the best time to start thinking of replacing Christmas lights and ornaments that are not in such good condition, so they will work properly when you really need them.

  • scotinsw

    Selfridges a large upmarket department store in London is opening its Christmas shop in a couple of weeks.


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