The Elder Situation

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  • cantleave

    I was the youngest elder on my BOE. I was 42 when I left. The next guy up was in his late 50's.

    As for Ms we had one young guy (24) and one in his 50's and another in his 70's.

    Since I left they have appointed another MS, a guy who has been trying for years and is 43. There is no one else that I can think of who could be appointed, except the CoBOE's son, who doesn't quality but will benefit from nepotism.

    The HS is hardly working overtime at this moment in time.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    When the young guys look at the Elders and see what a thankless untrained overworked position it is they mentally say Pass.

    All the good guys are dead or have simply left. Now, only the dumbest of the dumb, remain.

    They have no one but themselves to blame. I saw many brothers™ "reach out" for many years, myself included, who never received appointments. We were undesireable because we weren't asskissing "yes men" and we had initiative.

    The above are the three comments from the thread so far that coincide most with my experience and opinions. The brain drain is becoming more evident month by month and year by year. Smart guys either leave or don't want the thankless unpaid hassle of being an elder or even when they would like to "reach out" they have too much self-esteem to bring themselves to kiss all the ass necessary to become one.

  • gubberningbody

    I always hated the prhrase "reaching out", or "stepping down".

  • metatron

    The elder shortage has deep roots. I'm not even sure they can depend on young men to be competent husbands and fathers. With free porn, online videogames and mom's couch amidst a slack job market, good luck................

    There's no infrastructure like Amish or Mormons to take care of this stuff.

    If the legal pressures on elders intensify, you could drain the organization with challenges - especially if they get dumber and dumber and ever more dependent on calls to the Service/Legal Depts.


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