The Elder Situation

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  • metatron

    I was speaking with an older sister who is quite zealous and she is typical of many who are concerned that men are not reaching out. She notes that young men in particular have no interest in doing anything, congregation-wise.

    The change in this area is quite dramatic, if you can remember that once, being an elder was an aspiration of nearly every brother - and we had plenty of young men to run the mics and hand out magazines. Well, no more. I once pointed out to a C.O. that there was no "B" team of aspiring Ministerial Servants to take over from the elders. Thru the years in many congregations, you just watch the same guys on stage - get older.

    The neat thing is that, it's going to get ever more difficult to disfellowship people. Inconvenient committee meetings when you could be spending time with your family, struggling to find brothers to be on a committee, legal problems that create potential legal liabilities and so on.

    The Organizational Ship is taking on water and the Captain Ahab Governing Body are still obsessed with the White Whale illusion of "clean" congregations. Well, good luck with that.


  • finallysomepride

    In all the 40 years I had anything to do with jws I never reached out to be an elder or ms, on the contrary I made myself the invisible one in the congregation, never saying much and keeping my thoughts to myself. I have never thought of it as a previlege but as a huge burden that no person should ever take on in such a way, where in other religions it is a paid position and fulltime job.

  • designs

    When the young guys look at the Elders and see what a thankless untrained overworked position it is they mentally say Pass.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Not to mention that the WTS will throw an elder under the bus in a heartbeat to protect itself from any liability.

    Think About It

  • designs


    Remember, when the going gets tuff the Elders are Independent Contractors

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side

    "The neat thing is that, it's going to get ever more difficult to disfellowship people"

    Personally, I hope the disfellowshippings increase. Whatever it takes to free people from the cult. If somebody refuses to takes the red pill voluntarily, I hope they are force-fed it.

    It hurts for a while, but so does ripping off a band-aid.

    Being disfellowshipped 19 years ago, after 23 years of mind control, was one of the very best things to happen in my life. If it hadn't happened, I'm afraid I would still be a drone.

    Disfellowshippings rock!

  • WTWizard

    One thing is certain. The fewer hounders there are, the easier it will be for one apostate to waste their time and energy. If one apostate makes problems by skipping the boasting sessions or alternating between two different congregations, there will be less available for those who commit fornication or that decide to smoke a cigar. It will also mean fewer of them to take the lead in field circus.

    And I will not reach out for this position. They can call them "independent contractors" all they want. But, as long as everything they do is what the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger tells them to, they are not really independent. They are simply taking orders from the hounder-hounders, who are taking orders from hounder-hounder-hounders, and so on. But, they get the blame if they do something they are told to do, it is the wrong thing, and things go bad.

  • wasblind

    " men are not reaching out "

    That's because they are reaching out on the "Internet"

    and they are beginning to see through the BULL

  • minimus

    All the good guys are dead or have simply left. Now, only the dumbest of the dumb, remain.

  • chickpea

    this dynamic will possibly allow the shallow
    and self-serving to "aspire" to the "not really
    a rank but still a rank" of elder, meaning the
    scum will float to the top....

    that actually could speed the rate of departure...

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