The Elder Situation

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  • Soldier77

    About 8 months ago a CO told me that the society was struggling to appoint MS's/Elders to keep up with the needs. Of course this was when he was pumping me to "reach out" to become an MS. It's kinda fun to sit back and watch it now. I know of sisters in the hall I'm assigned to that are doing the accounts servants position and the territory.

    I like the "scum will float to the top" phrase. It's happening for sure.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Hence the need for today's Koolaid WT.

  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley

    Who in their right mind would want the liability - physically, emotionally and spiritually?

  • kurtbethel

    There is an easy way to attract more elders.

    Pay them.

    Raise the standards of who can be an elder, and of those who qualify be sure they are paid for it. The current situation is that the wage is set too low, as in nothing, to attract enough qualified people to fill positions. The wage must be raised enough to attract adequate numbers. Since the Watchtower is a business they would really have no problem with this, but they have been trying to get by on the cheap as they have in past years and it is not working. Time for "clarification" and "adjustments".

  • Tristram

    About 8 months ago a CO told me that the society was struggling to appoint MS's/Elders to keep up with the needs.

    Funny, I was thinking about this not too long ago. Why do they need so many elders and MS's? What "needs" are there? Endless parts on meetings, endless adminstrative tasks, endless policing and meddling in everyone's affairs. Most of that would be completely unnecessary if the powers that be would release the reins even a little bit.

  • rnicole76

    I was reading toward the end of the article and there was a story about a brother who had to wait 7 years to be an elder again. Is that the rule when you lose privilege as an elder? You have to wait 7 years to get your privilege back?

  • wannabefree
    Is that the rule


  • metatron

    A little off topic but..... next time you give any credence to Watchtower statistics, ask yourself, 'what do the "hard" stats tell you about the "soft" ones?'

    Any idiot can turn in a field service report each month without actually going out in service and no one need ever know. However, getting baptized or becoming an elder requires a degree of observed committment you can't completely fake. Opening your wallet for donations requires parting with hard cash.

    So, baptisms are about where they were in the mid-70's and they're begging for elders and cutting everything in sight because contributions ain't what they used to be?

    Spiritual Paradise, my a$$. It's a deepening fantasy. Wow, 7 million publishers, like I'm so ......... impressed.


  • NiceDream

    There is a lack of "spiritually qualified" men in my area, so they have 12 year old boys on the mics to groom them into becoming servants when they are older. Not enough men have 10 hours of service to qualify for mics, let alone become an MS or elder.

    I was told years ago that my low service hours were holding my husband back from reaching out. I neglected to tell them that he's too busy to want to be one anyways.

  • Finally-Free

    They have no one but themselves to blame. I saw many brothers™ "reach out" for many years, myself included, who never received appointments. We were undesireable because we weren't asskissing "yes men" and we had initiative. My old congregation took my "privileges" away because I took some part time courses for work. Instead they used 8 year old children and mentally handicapped people to run microphones while I sat on my ass. I had the MS carrot dangled in front of me for 20 years, but I was never good enough because I had a moustache, took courses, was overweight, and a ton of other stupid things they counseled me for.

    But those were just excuses. The real issue was that they didn't want to promote people who had the balls to speak out when they saw something that was wrong. They wanted asskissing yes men.

    Eventually a guy will see through the bullshit games and let the elders know, either by word or by action, where they can stick their "privileges".


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