Got a DC invite in my door last week!

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  • serenitynow!

    "Printing false lying literature"

    There is no need to print lies about JWs. You all do a good enough job of making yourselves look bad. Do you read the literature at all? Try reading the WT 9/15/2010 study edition! Why make up stuff when you're writing that crap!

  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl

    Thanks everyone for your replies,

    undercover, yea..I threw the invite away after tearing into bits- it was just curious to me because everyone always made a big deal in our Hall about "no trespassing" signs- they would say that the society could be sued for violating those signs and that would bring reproach upon Jehovah, yada yada BS BS.

    wasblind, I do not think you are paranoid-someone in your cong wanted to make a point in a passive-agressive way- yuck..

    everyone in my Hall knows where I live, so personally I think it was left there knowingly "to reach me". The car group probably smiled all day at the possibility that because they left that invite in my door I would be moved to tears and come running back to Jehovah's organization


  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Bane appears to be ranting more than usual, is that because he's getting increasingly ignored here and thus increasingly desperate for attention of late? ... or just a general trend in his slipping mindset that I hadnt noticed?


  • BANE

    No Witness, I only get 10 posts per day. I am limited in my ranting because I am a dangerous individual...

    I belong to MANY messege boards and this is the only one with restrictions like this. Apostates complain about Jehovah´s congregation disfellowshipping and being restrictive and then you guys go and do exactly the same thing. Hilarious!

  • Titus

    Hi BANE!

  • blondie

    BANE, being limited to 10 posts would not be df'ing. Df'd people aren't allowed to comment or talk to people at the KH or away from it. Even if you were reinstated, you couldn't comment for several months or longer.

  • mrsjones5

    I am limited in my ranting because I am a dangerous individual...

    Nah, it's cuz you're a big whiner

    And why would you need more posts if you're not ASSOCIATING with any of us SCUM on this board?

  • cantleave

    Bane you are as dangerous as this squirrel

  • dannyboy

    I got one under the door last week, too. I wondered if it was a "special" invite to ex-JW's or to the public in general.

    If to the public, I have to wonder if they *really* think anybody would travel (in the local situation) about 100 miles each way to a District Convention just to "check out" JW's....


  • Sojourn

    I am using mine as my Crisis of Conscience bookmark. Don't make me post a photo...

    Also, WT 9/15/2010 study edition? Please say more about that.

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