Man arrested for molesting child at church (Kingdom Hall)

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  • Titus

    No, jooks, I was sarcastic. That's what he said: "it was a moment of weakness and I didn't have time to pray before the incident"


  • palmtree67

    I have asick feeling he's been doing the same for years and years.

    He's 70 years old, I doubt very much this is the first time he's done this. Just the first time he's been caught.

  • undercover

    Who called the cops, I wonder...

  • Soldier77
    Who called the cops, I wonder...

    Good question. If it was my kid, I would call the cops for 2 reasons: 1) some old codger just molested my kid. 2) I just beat the old codger to near death.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I am afraid the whistle-blower is going to get a serious talking-to back in the spanking room. I hope this moves the family of the victim and their friends to get out of the cult.

  • Soldier77

    and the offender gets off the hook because of the two witness rule....

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I bet he's got a wallet full of twentys. That's a bad sign I'm sure. I think he's going to have to pay more than that for what he did.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    What a lowlife 73yo SOB. Molesting a 12 yo girl and inside the KH. I guarantee you that ain't the first time for that pervert. Someone had to know something or be suspicious of things they would have noticed about this sick fuk. Probably never said anything about it to keep from bringing "reproach on the organization."

    Think About It

  • tec

    Sorry - I posted this on Jim's thread and brought it over here too.

    There is also a person who has commented on both links to this story that some of the blame should go to the parents for not keeping a better eye on this vulnerable little child.

    The girl is twelve. Twelve-year olds go to the bathroom by themselves. They go to the store. They babysit. The blame belongs exactly where it is. On the man who did this. But since it also takes away the apparent 'safety' of a kingdom hall, perhaps this person is trying to make sure the blame and focus is undeniably put on the parents.

    Could have nothing to do with any of that - but who blames parents for letting a twelve year old be alone for a few minutes?


  • Leolaia
    Ramon Sanchez, 73,

    Was he an elder or a former elder?

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